10 Interesting Adoption Facts

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Adoption facts bring you unusual facts about the adoption process in US. The people who do not have any children will love to adopt a child. The child can be taken from foreign countries. The adoption process is very common in US because some couples do not want to have any children at all. Here is the detail information about adoption facts:

Adoption Facts 1: Adoption in US

It is estimated that 1.6 million children from the 65 million children in United States are adopted. Since 1921, More than 250,000 children were adopted in Canada.

Adoption Facts 2: Adoption from Foreign Countries

The adoption in US happens not only in America but also from other countries. It is stated that 169,000 children adopted from other countries. There are 18,000 from Mexico, 21,000 from china, 48,000 from Korea, 8,000 from India and 20,000 from Russia. If you want to make international adoption, check immigration facts.

Adoption facts

Adoption facts

Adoption Facts 3: Process of Adoption

The process of adoption is not as easy as you might think. There are the private facilitators, state agencies, private agencies, lawyers, religious group, provincial bodies and many more involved during the process of adoption.

Adoption Facts 4: Type of Adoption in North American

There are two main types of adoption in North America. It can be in the form of semi on or even open adoption.  The adoptive parents can share information with the birth parent about the children.

Adoption family

Adoption family

Adoption Facts 5: Connection with Adoptive Children

It is estimated that more than 60 percent for the adoptive parents have a connection with the adoptive children.

Adoption Facts 6: Biological Parents

It is such a surprising fact to know that only two percent of adoptive adults will search for their birth parents.

Diversity Series

Diversity Series

Adoption Facts 7: Types of Adoptions

There are several types of adoption that people can choose. Some of them include private, public, stepparent, international and transracial.

Adoption Facts 8: Teenage Mothers

The children of teenage mothers occupy the slot of 25 percent from the rest of adoption in US. Get the info about the life of teenage mothers in homelessness facts.



Adoption Facts 9: Age of Adoption

Most children adopted are in the age for fewer than 2. However, more than 20 percent of children get stuck in foster care. They need to wait to be adopted. They usually have to wait between 2 until five years before they are adopted.

Adoption Facts10: Cost of Adoption

The cost of adoption is varied. It is applied based on the agency, region, country, government and employer cost. In average the adoptive parents have to spend $4000 to $40,000.



The children who do not have parents need to be adopted to save their future. They are lucky if they can get good parents.  If you are interested to make an adoption, you just need to reach the nearby foster care in your town.  It is estimated that 400,000 children live in a foster and wait for you to adopt them. Do you want to add more facts about adoption?

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