10 Interesting the Judicial Branch Facts

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The Judicial Branch Facts talk about court system or judicial system applied in the world. The law will be applied in the name of the state on the system of court. When people have disputes, one way to resolve it is by using the mechanism in judiciary court. The primary function of judiciary branch is to interpret and apply laws on the cases. The judiciary branch does not have any function to enforce law because it is the responsibility of an executive and does not make any law because it’s the responsibility of legislature. That’s applied based on the doctrines of separation of power. Here are other interesting facts about judicial branch:

The Judicial Branch Facts 1: Common Law

Common Law is the law created by judiciary branch in other nations in the world. The Common Law is different from the Statuary Law created by legislature.

The Judicial Branch Facts 2: equal justice

The judiciary branch has to make sure that justice is served equally before the law.

Judicial Branch

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch Facts 3: the judicial review

The judicial review is a process conducted by the judicial branch intended to change the laws. This function is based on the jurisdiction. Find facts about Republican Party here.

The Judicial Branch Facts 4: the judicial review power

If rules or laws are not compatible with the higher norm, the judicial branch can annul them. But the judiciary branch must have judicial review power.

The Judicial Branch Images

The Judicial Branch Images

The Judicial Branch Facts 5: the higher norm

In this case, the higher norms may include the international law, primary legislation and provisions of constitution.

The Judicial Branch Facts 6: judiciary branch and economy

Judiciary branch is active in the field of economy in United States because the proper legal interpretation is also affected by the economics.

The Judicial Branch Pic

The Judicial Branch Pic

The Judicial Branch Facts 7: the budget of judiciary branch

The executive almost completely controls the budget used by the judiciary branch in many developing countries in the world.

The Judicial Branch Facts 8: the term judiciary

The term judiciary may refer to magistrates, adjudicators, or even judges. They have central role in the branch.

The Judicial Branch Pictures

The Judicial Branch Pictures

The Judicial Branch Facts 9: the expansions

The judicial branch is expanded in some countries in the world. The public notaries, state lawyers, prosecutors, legal air officers, and judicial police service are included in the system.

The Judicial Branch Facts 10: the mixed systems of judicial branch in Argentina

A supreme court, a cassation court, appeals court and lower courts are included in the judicial branch of Argentina. Get facts about executive branch here.

The Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch

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