10 Interesting the Tollund Man Facts

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You will know the naturally mummified corpse on the Tollund Man Facts. It was believed that the male corpse was from the pre-Roman Iron Age. He probably lived in the fourth century BC in Scandinavia. This man was found in a peat bog on Jutland Peninsula, Denmark in 1950. The body of the Tollund Man was well preserved when it was found due to the peat bog. It is an example of a bog body. Let us get other interesting facts about the Tollund Man below:

The Tollund Man Facts 1: the physical appearance

The people thought that the body buried in the peat bog was a victim of a murder because the physical appearance was well preserved.

The Tollund Man Facts 2: Elling Woman

Elling Woman was a bog body discovered 12 years before the Tollund Man was found.  Both corpses were buried in the same bog.

the tollund man facts

the tollund man facts

The Tollund Man Facts 3: the discovery of bog bodies

Ireland and England are the two primary locations for the discovery of ancient bog bodies. Check facts about Otzi the iceman here.

The Tollund Man Facts 4: the discovery of Tollund Man

Viggo and Emil were brothers who came from Tollund. Both were in the Bjældskovdal peat bog to cut peat on May 6th, 1950. One wife of them discovered a corpse located at the layer of the peat when she helped loading the peat.  They believed that the corpse was a murder victim since the corpse looked fresh.

the tollund man

the tollund man

The Tollund Man Facts 5: report to the police

On 8 May 1950, the police was notified about the discovery of the corpse.  Due to the fresh condition of the body, the police was baffled about the case.

The Tollund Man Facts 6: Professor P. V. Glob

P. V. Glob was an archaeology professor who was brought by the police related to the investigation of the body. Glob stated that the age of the body was probably more than 2,000 years old. Moreover, he also believed that the ritual sacrifice took the life of the corpse.

tollund man pic

tollund man pic

The Tollund Man Facts 7: the position of the body

The body was found in fetal arrangement buried inside 6.6-foot peat. It was 160 feet or 50 m apart from the firm ground. Look at facts about Roman Numerals here.

The Tollund Man Facts 8: the physical look

He also had a very short hair. During the day of his death, it seems the Tollund Man had not shaved due to the presence of stubble on his upper lips and chin.

The Tollund Man Facts 9: clothing

The body was found naked. His waist had a smooth hide belt.

The Tollund Man Facts 10: human sacrifice

Based on the body position, it was believed that he was a human sacrifice.

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