10 Interesting Hallucinogen Facts

Tuesday, March 11th 2014. | Science

Hallucinogen facts will be the discussion here. People have heard about hallucinogen. Yet, they don’t really know what hallucinogen is. Based on this reason, let’s discuss about the facts here actually. This can become your basic knowledge indeed.  So, let’s start here.

Hallucinogen Facts 1: fastest dog

Hallucinogen is recognized in lacking of addiction. The serotonin contained may affect to memory of people and also to provide short-term pleasure. It is different with dopamine which is not addictive. It can help people removing from addiction pathway.

Hallucinogen Facts 2: reduction of anxiety

This hallucinogen has been used as anxiety reduction. There was a doctor studied this as the method of treatment for any patients who suffer from depression and also feelings of anxiety.

Hallucinogen  facts

Hallucinogen facts

Hallucinogen Facts 3: Quantum behavioral change

The society may recognize any people who have ever used such substance may suffer from behavioral change including the anti-social, burnouts, dope heads, and others. This kind of substance or drug can really change personality and also attitude of the user.

Hallucinogen Facts 4: mystical experience

There are also people who have suffered from mystical experience encountered by the user of the substance. This has been applied to people who ever conducted meditation, prayer, and fasting.

Hallucinogen  Pic

Hallucinogen Pic

Hallucinogen Facts 5: cigarette smoking cessation

This type of substance had become the solution for many people in dealing with nicotine addiction. You may recognize the current research as well discussing about mechanism of hallucinogen to be used as treatment of nicotine and any other drug addictions.

Hallucinogen Facts 6: deep personal significance

Using hallucinogen can really help people in how to gain deep personal significance. This may help in order to gain most significant events for the lives.

Hallucinogen Image

Hallucinogen Image

Hallucinogen Facts 7: neuroplasticity

There is related term of hallucinogen such as neuroplasticity. It is defined as the neuronal change which usually occurs in response to a stimulus. The psychological changes also have been found occurring to individuals taking this substance.

Hallucinogen Facts 8:  treatment for OCD

This substance has become the treatment for OCD. This has become so much popular for any people.

Hallucinogen Movie

Hallucinogen Movie

Hallucinogen Facts 9: treatment for cluster headache

Hallucinogen is also used for treatment of cluster headache. This has become common information to recognize among people.

Hallucinogen Facts 10: repressed memory recall

Using hallucinogen also becomes the treatment for repressed memory recall. It means the users can gain the suppression memories to the surface.



The facts about Hallucinogen above are only some of thorough information out there. Well, you can do further research about the others if you want.


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