10 Interesting the Spanish Language Facts

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One of the most spoken languages in the world is explained on the Spanish Language Facts. Spanish Language is originated from Castile Region, Spain. It is considered as a Romance language. The number of native speakers of Spanish language reaches hundreds of million people. The speakers can be found in many parts of the world. Let us find out other interesting facts about the Spanish language below:

The Spanish Language Facts 1: the evolution

Talking about the origin of Spanish language, it was derived from the Ibero-Romance group of languages. In the fifth century, the Western Roman Empire fell down where some dialects of Vulgar Latin in Iberia evolved into Spanish language.

The Spanish Language Facts 2: the oldest Latin text

The earliest usage of Spanish was spotted in the oldest Latin texts. They were traced back in the ninth century in Iberia.

donato ndongo bidyogo

donato ndongo bidyogo

The Spanish Language Facts 3: the first systematic written Spanish

Toledo was the then capital of Castile. It was traced back that the people in Toledo developed the first systematic written Spanish in the thirteenth century.

The Spanish Language Facts 4: the introduction of Spanish language

Spanish language was introduced to various colonies of Spanish Empire in 16th century. It was introduced to the Philippines, Oceania, Africa and Americas.

spanish language history

spanish language history

The Spanish Language Facts 5: the vocabulary of Spanish languages

The Arabic language had influenced the vocabulary of Spanish language at the very beginning. The 8 percent of the Spanish vocabularies was derived from Arabic.

The Spanish Language Facts 6: the development of Spanish language

The development of Spanish language was spotted in the Iberian Peninsula during the Al-Andalus era.

spanish language

spanish language

The Spanish Language Facts 7: the official languages

In United Nations, Spanish receives the status as one of the six official languages.  There are many international organizations in the world, which call Spanish as the official language such as Union of South American Nations and European Union. Look at facts about Spanish culture here.

The Spanish Language Facts 8: the native language

Spanish is considered as the native language for at least 427 million people in the world.

filipino revolutionaries

filipino revolutionaries

The Spanish Language Facts 9: the first and second language

Spanish is considered as the first or second language by 560 million speakers. Find facts about the Spanish Speaking Countries here.

The Spanish Language Facts 10: Spanish in European Union

Around 8 percent of the population in European Union speaks Spanish as their mother tongue. The people who speak Spanish as the second language are around 7 percent.

the spanish language facts

the spanish language facts

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