10 Interesting Fairy Tale Facts

Wednesday, January 22nd 2014. | Culture

Fairy Tale facts are interesting not only for children but adults. The facts discuss about information that you don’t know about fairy tale. It is common concept of story in our childhood right? The facts below are presented for you.

Fairy Tale Facts 1: beauty and the beast

There was an original story about beauty and the beast. The actual story told that Belle had some siblings. When Belle went home, the siblings told her not to come back to the Beast. Yet, she didn’t listen to them.

Fairy Tale Facts 2: Hansel and Gretel

People often have wrong perception about Hansel and Gretel. Both of them left breadcrumbs pieces as the mark in order to be able to find way back home. They also discovered the witch cottage. Later, they killed the witch in the end of the story.

Fairy Tale Facts

Fairy Tale Facts

Fairy Tale Facts 3: Snow White

It is true that the Queen in Snow White story wanted to kill her. A poisonous apple becomes the method to kill Snow White. Some people argue about the color of the apple. It can be white and red. It is white when the apple has no poison and red when it has.

Fairy Tale Facts 4: the death of the queen in Snow White

There is another fact related to Snow White. It the story, the Queen died by falling from the cliff. In the original story, Snow White ordered her to wear shoes made from iron and made her to dance until die.

Fairy Tale facts

Fairy Tale facts

Fairy Tale Facts 5: Aladdin

The common story of Aladdin is about three wishes from the genie. The original story is different. The wishes are unlimited. Also, there is another item that can grant the wishes beside the lamp. It is the ring located in the cavern.

Fairy Tale Facts 6: Sleeping Beauty

In the original story of sleeping beauty, the prince didn’t introduce her to her mother. He waited until they had children. The purpose is because his mother is an ogress and loves to eat children.

Fairy Tale Pic

Fairy Tale Pic

Fairy Tale Facts 7: Frog Prince

In the story of Frog Prince, he didn’t turn into a prince through a kiss from the princess. In fact, the princess threw the frog into a wall because of the disgust.

Fairy Tale Facts 8:  Harry Potter & Chamber of Secret

When you watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret, you may notice about the portrait of Gandalf the Grey within the room of Prof. Dumbledore.

Fairy Tale Story

Fairy Tale Story

Fairy Tale Facts 9: Hogwarts

Hogwarts only accepts the students who come from Britain only. If  you are not from Britain, you are rejected.

Fairy Tale Facts 10: Jungle Books

The 4 vultures in Jungle Books were supposed to be dubbed by the Beatles.

Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale

What do you think facts? I hope that the information is sufficient for you. If it is not, you can conduct DIY effort to get more. You can ask people about the rest of the facts about fairy tale as well.

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