10 Interesting the Solar Eclipse Facts

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A type of eclipse is explained on the Solar Eclipse Facts. The occult takes place during the solar eclipse.  The moon partially or fully blocks the sun when it passes between the sun and earth.  If some parts of the sun are obscured by the moon, the annular or partial solar eclipse occurs. If the moon fully obscures the sun, then the total solar eclipse takes place. Let us check other interesting facts about the solar eclipse below:

The Solar Eclipse Facts 1: a natural phenomenon

A solar eclipse is considered as a common natural phenomenon. It has been spotted not only in modern period, but also in ancient period.

The Solar Eclipse Facts 2: the cultures

There are various cultures in the world, which considers the presence of eclipse as a bad omen and supernatural power.

the solar eclipse

the solar eclipse

The Solar Eclipse Facts 3: the frightening phenomenon

The ancient people were always frightened when they experienced the total solar eclipse due to the lack of astronomical science.

The Solar Eclipse Facts 4: the disappearance of the sun

During the total solar eclipse, the sun will disappear for several minutes. The phenomena were frightening for the ancient people for it occured during the day and the sky was very dark.

the solar eclipse geometry

the solar eclipse geometry

The Solar Eclipse Facts 5: the eye damage

If you are interested to scrutinize the sun during the eclipse, make sure that you use special eye protection glasses. Staring the sun directly will cause blindness or even permanent eye damages.

The Solar Eclipse Facts 6: umbraphilesy

Have you ever heard about umbraphiles? The term is used to call the eclipse chaser who will like to observe the solar eclipse by reaching the remote location. Find facts about Milky Way Galaxy here.

facts about the solar eclipse

facts about the solar eclipse

The Solar Eclipse Facts 7: the types of solar eclipse

Solar eclipse is available in four types. They are a partial eclipse, hybrid eclipse, total eclipse, and annual eclipse.

The Solar Eclipse Facts 8: a partial eclipse and total eclipse

When the moon partially obscures the sun, it is called as a partial eclipse. If the light of sun to earth is completely obscured by the moon, the total solar eclipse occurs. Get facts about the Moo Phases here.

the solar eclipse facts

the solar eclipse facts

The Solar Eclipse Facts 9: the phases of a total eclipse

There are several phases of a total solar eclipse, which include the first contact, second contact, totality, third contact and fourth contact.

The Solar Eclipse Facts 10: the totality phase

During the totality phase, the only visible part is the solar corona, while the entire disk of the sun is obscured by the moon.

the solar eclipse images

the solar eclipse images

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