10 Interesting the Sun Facts

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Sun facts should be discussed if you want to know one of the biggest stars in the universe. Sun is totally big because it has 99.85 percent of the mass in the solar system. Compared to earth, the diameter of this star is 100 times bigger.  Are you interested to check out more facts? Read the following info below:

Sun Facts 1: Planet

In our solar system there are nine planets oriented on the sun? Those include Mercury, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Mars and Pluto. However, Pluto is no longer included as an official planet. Check saturn facts here.

Sun Facts 2: Earth and Sun

The distance between earth and sun is estimated around 92.96 million miles or 149.60 million kilometers.

Sun Facts

Sun Facts

Sun Facts 3: Core Temperature

The core temperature of sun is counted at 27 million degrees Fahrenheit or 15 million degrees Celsius. Can you imagine how it will make your body burnt? The sun is filled with a lot of energy. The energy produced by the sun each second is equivalent with the usage of 100,000,000,000 tons of dynamite. Get the detail by reading universe facts.

Sun Facts 4: Sun Worship

Sun has been known as an important thing for ancient people. Both male and female mummies located in Libya had sun tattoos. Other cultures such as Meso American, Egyptian and Indo European worshipped the sun as their god.

Sun Structure

Sun Structure

Sun Facts 5: Ra

Ra is a sun god for the ancient Egyptian people. It had a big status among other gods. The ancient people believe that Ra created himself as well as other 8 gods in Egyptian cultures. That’s why he received the high god status.

Sun Facts 6: Amaterasu

Amaterasu is the name of the sun goddess in Japan.  The Japanese people believe that Amaterasu is the main ruler of the world. Aztec people also worshipped the sun god. They perform the extensive human sacrifice to fulfill the need of sun gods called Huitzilopochtli and Tezcatlipoca.



Sun Facts 7: Comparison Size with Earth

You can compare the surface and the inside area of earth with sun.  It needs at least one million planet earths to fulfill the inside area of the sun, while the surface for the sun should be fitted with at least 109 planet earths.

Sun Facts 8: Rotation

Sun also rotates on its axis. It needs 609.12 hours or 25.38 Earth days to complete a full rotation.



Sun Facts 9: Composition

Sun is composed from 23 percent helium, 75 percent hydrogen, and 2 percent heavier elements. To create this composition, sun has to absorb at least 4 million tons of hydrogen each second.

Sun Facts 10: G2 Dwarf

Sun is categorized as G2 draft.   It is included on the classification because of the chemical makeup, heat and size.

main eruption of sun

main eruption of sun

Sun is considered as a medium size star.  Many experts estimate that the age of a sun now is around 4.6 billion years. Do you have any more info on facts about sun?

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