10 Interesting the Ottoman Empire Facts

Tuesday, September 20th 2016. | History

Let me tell you the Ottoman Empire facts in the following post below. People also call it as the Turkish Empire, Turkey or even Ottoman Turkey. The Oghuz Turks under the leadership of Osman I established the Ottoman Empire in northwestern Anatolia in 1299. In 1362 and 1389, Murad I conquered The Balkans which turned the Ottoman Sultanate into caliphate and transcontinental empire. Mehmed the Conqueror occupied Constantinople in 1453. It marked the end of the Byzantine Empire by the Ottomans. Here are other interesting facts about the Ottoman Empire:

The Ottoman Empire Facts 1: the height of Ottoman Empire’s power

The reign of Suleiman the Magnificent marked the zenith of Ottoman Empire’s power during the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Ottoman Empire Facts 2: the areas controlled by Ottoman Empire

At that time, Ottoman Empire covered the areas of the Horn of Africa, North Africa, Southeast Europe, the Caucasus and Western Asia. It was considered as the multilingual and multinational empire.

the ottoman empire facts

the ottoman empire facts

The Ottoman Empire Facts 3: provinces and states

Ottoman Empire had many vassal states and 32 provinces in the early of 17th century. Some of them earned autonomy, but others were included in Ottoman Empire.

The Ottoman Empire Facts 4: the capital

The capital of Ottoman Empire was Constantinople. For more than 6 centuries, the center of interaction between the Western and Eastern Worlds was located in Ottoman Empire. The Mediterranean basin was also under the control the empire.

the ottoman empire

the ottoman empire

The Ottoman Empire Facts 5: the decline of Ottoman Empire

In the end of 19th century, Ottoman Empire gradually declined due to the strength of the Europeans powers.

The Ottoman Empire Facts 6: the World War 1

Ottoman Empire joined the First World War in the beginning of the 20th century to ally with Germany. It was interested in the war to recover the lost territories.

the ottoman empire pictures

the ottoman empire pictures

The Ottoman Empire Facts 7: the internal conflict

It was easy for the Ottoman Empire to handle the external conflict. But the internal ones which included the Arab revolts could not be well handled.  Find facts about the Black Sea here.

The Ottoman Empire Facts 8: the aftermath of World War 1

The Ottoman Empire was partitioned after it was defeated in the World War 1. The Allied powers occupied parts of the Empire.

the ottoman empire image

the ottoman empire image

The Ottoman Empire Facts 9: the Turkish War of Independence

The occupying allies were sent back due to the successful Turkish War of Independence. Therefore, the Anatolian Heartland became the site of the Republic of Turkey.  Find facts about Turkey here.

The Ottoman Empire Facts 10: the abolishment

After the Young republic of Turkey was established, the caliphate as well as the Ottoman monarchy was removed.

the ottoman empire history

the ottoman empire history

Do you have any opinion on facts about the Ottoman Empire?

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