10 Interesting Indian History Facts

Tuesday, April 8th 2014. | History

In this post, we will have a discussion about Indian history facts. Indian is one of the ancient countries in the world. People love to learn about the history and culture of India. If you visit this country, you can see many ruins of the old time. People are fascinated with the Indian culture and history for it creates a wonderful story around the world. Let’s find out the Indian history below:

Indian History Facts 1: Harappa culture

When we talk about the Indian history, we always remind people with the Indus valley civilization.    It is the home to the Harappa culture. The culture can be seen flourishing in the area 5000 years go. There were many nomadic forest dwellers living there.

Indian History Facts 2: chess

Do you know the origin of the game of chess? Actually it was invented in India.

Indian History Fact

Indian History Fact

Indian History Facts 3: decimal

The Indian history also shares people with wonderful invention in the science. You need to know the Indian people developed the place value system and decimal.

Indian History Facts 4: science

Other types of scientific inventions that people can see in ancient India included calculus, trigonometry and algebra.

Indian History Facts

Indian History Facts

Indian History Facts 5: Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders are one of the most famous games in the world. Kids love to play this game. Actually the one who introduced this game was Gyandev in 13th century.  He was a poet saint.

Indian History Facts 6: university

Di you know that the first university in the world was located in Takshila, India? It was created in 700 BC. There were 60 different subjects to more the 10,500 students who came from all over the world.

Indian History Image

Indian History Image

Indian History Facts 7: University of Nalanda

Another famous university in the Indian time was university of Nalanda.  It was established in 4th century BC.

Indian History Facts 8: Ayurveda

It was considered as the earlier school of medicine. The one who established this medicine school was the father of Medicine named Charaka 2500 years ago.

Indian History Temple

Indian History Temple

Indian History Facts 9: Sridharacharya

Sridharacharya was the creator of Quadratic Equations. He developed more numbers up to 1053 in 11th century. At that time, European people only had 106 numbers.

Indian History Facts 10: Budhayana

Budhayana is the famous Indian who explained Pythagoras theorem and calculated pi in 6th century.

Indian History

Indian History

The ancient India is also the birth place of two major religions in the world. Jainism was established in 600 BC, while Buddhism was established in 500 BC. Are you fascinated with facts about Indian history?

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