10 Interesting the Eureka Stockade Facts

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The Eureka Stockade Facts inform the readers with Eureka Rebellion which took place in 1854. The gold miners in Ballarat, Australia revolted against the United Kingdom colonial forces. On 3rd December 1854, the rebellion took place at Eureka Lead. The miners erected the stockade structure which made the people called this rebellion as Eureka Stockade. Here are other interesting facts about Eureka Stockade below:

The Eureka Stockade Facts 1: the death

There were 27 people who died during the rebellion. Most victims were the rebels. Actually the rebellion did not last for long time. It only took place less than half an hour.

The Eureka Stockade Facts 2: civil disobedience

Eureka Stockade was considered as an example of Eureka Stockade. The actions of military, police and government were rejected by the miners because they had to pay taxation and expense of a licence for a miner.

Facts about The Eureka Stockade

Facts about The Eureka Stockade

The Eureka Stockade Facts 3: Ballarat Reform League movement

Due to the unsatisfied miners, the Ballarat Reform League movement was formed. They decided to rebel against the colonial forces. Check facts about Domesday Book here.

The Eureka Stockade Facts 4: Electoral Act 1856

Electoral Act 1856 was introduced after the captured rebels in Eureka Stockade got the public support. Therefore, the full white male suffrage was allowed to follow election for the lower house in the parliament of Victoria.

The Eureka Stockade Image

The Eureka Stockade Image

The Eureka Stockade Facts 5: the significance

Eureka Stockade was considered as a significant event in Australia. Some people believed that this event resulted democracy in the country. However, other people believed that it was just a political revolt.

The Eureka Stockade Facts 6: Hiscock’s gold rush

Before Eureka Stockade took place, the gold rush occurred. On 12th August 1851, Hiscock’s gold rush was started. Lieutenant-Governor Latrobe made a policy that a miner had to pay 30 shillings per month for the all mining processes and a license fee. Find facts about English Civil War here.

The Eureka Stockade Pic

The Eureka Stockade Pic

The Eureka Stockade Facts 7: the protest

Due to the policy, there were around 40 to 50 miners who did not agree with it.

The Eureka Stockade Facts 8: the murder of James Scobie

James Scobie was killed when he was in Eureka Hotel on October 7, 1854. He was a miner from Scotland.

The Eureka Stockade

The Eureka Stockade

The Eureka Stockade Facts 9: the memorials

Ballarat Old Cemetery houses the memorials to honor the miners and soldiers involved in Eureka Stockade.

The Eureka Stockade Facts 10: Eureka Tower

Another building named to honor Eureka Stockade was Eureka Tower. The construction of this building finished in 2006.

The Eureka Stockade Facts

The Eureka Stockade Facts

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