10 Interesting the London Docklands Facts

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Let me explain about an area located in the east and southeast London on The London Docklands Facts.  In the past, the Port of London housed the docks.  It became the largest port in the world at one time. Now there are several boroughs which form London Docklands. The boroughs include Greenwich, Newham, Lewisham, Tower Hamlets, and Southwark. Get other interesting facts about the London Docklands below:

The London Docklands Facts 1: the main purposes of the redevelopment of London Docklands

The residential and commercial uses are the two primary purposes why London Docklands are redeveloped.

The London Docklands Facts 2: the first usage of London Docklands name

In 1971, the name London Docklands was cited for the first time on the redevelopment plans of a government report. Then the name has been adopted till today.

Facts about The London Docklands

Facts about The London Docklands

The London Docklands Facts 3: conflict

The new and old communities in London Docklands were involved in a conflict.

The London Docklands Facts 4: Pool of London

In the past the term Pool of London was used to call the small quays located in the present day Southwark or London during the Roman and medieval eras. The ships would like to dock there.

The London Docklands Skyline

The London Docklands Skyline

The London Docklands Facts 5: the safety and security

Even though the ships docked at the Pool of London, they were not protected against the lack of space and thieves.  The quayside area was limited to accommodate those ships.

The London Docklands Facts 6: The Howland Great Dock

In 1696, The Howland Great Dock was formed in Rotherhithe. It was established to give more area for the ships to dock and secure the ship from any thieves. There are at least 120 large vessels which could be accommodated in the dock. Check facts about the Brooklyn Bridge here.

The London Docklands pictures

The London Docklands pictures

The London Docklands Facts 7: the private companies

There were a number of private companies which competed to manage the docks. PLA or Port of London Authority won the bid and managed the docks from 1909. Find facts about the British Museum here.

The London Docklands Facts 8: London Docklands in 1960 and 1980

All docks in London were closed in 1960 until 1980. It caused social problem, poverty and high level of unemployment.

The London Docklands Facts

The London Docklands Facts

The London Docklands Facts 9: London Docklands in the past 30 years

Many people like to live around London Docklands due to its major growth as a business center in London for the past 30 years.

The London Docklands Facts 10: the old warehouses and wharfs

Most old warehouses and wharfs in London Docklands were demolished. But they remain ones were transformed into flats.

The London Docklands

The London Docklands

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