10 Interesting Rocky Mountain Facts

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Rocky Mountain facts bring the historic event of the past.  This natural place has been inhabited by various plants and animals not only today but also since the prehistoric time. When you visit Rocky Mountain, you will enjoy the exotic wildlife in the mountain. It provides wonderful trail and site to explore. Here are the few facts about Rocky Mountain:

Rocky Mountain Facts 1: Formation

Rocky Mountain was formed for about 80 to 55 million years ago in the late Cretaceous era. The formation of the mountain is located in North America.  The period during the reformation is scientifically called as Laramie Orogeny.

Rocky Mountain Facts 2: Rocks

Many scientists believe that the formation of rocks in the Rocky Mountain was made before the mountain was created. The age of the rocks is estimated to form billion years ago.

Rocky Mountain Facts

Rocky Mountain Facts

Rocky Mountain Facts 3: Tibet

The geography of Tibet and Rocky Mountain has similarities because both areas are estimated to form in similar time.

Rocky Mountain Facts 4: Length

Rocky Mountain is included as one of the major mountains in the world. It spans from the Canada, New Mexico, Montana, Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming and Utah.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain Facts 5: Groups

There are four groups which divide Rocky Mountain. They have at least 100 different ranges. The four groups include the Southern Rockies, Canadian Rockies and Northern Rockies, Colorado Plateau, and Middle Rockies.

Rocky Mountain Facts 6: The Highest Peak

The highest peak of Rocky Mountain in Central North America is located in Mount Elbert. The mountain is in Colorado. It has the height around 14,440 feet.

Rocky Mountain Tours

Rocky Mountain Tours

Rocky Mountain Facts 7: Mount Robson

Mount Robson is the highest peak of Rocky Mountains in the Canadian Rocky Region of British Columbia. It has the height at 12,972 feet. Check Yosemite National Park facts if you want an attractive place to view.

Rocky Mountain Facts 8: Home for People

Rocky Mountain has been a home to some indigenous people after the ice age era. The people who have been living in Rocky Mountain were Crow Nation, Bannock, Kutenai, Bannock, Cheyenne, Apache, Sekani, Flatheads, Sioux, Ute, and many more.

Rocky Mountain with Lake

Rocky Mountain with Lake

Rocky Mountain Facts 9: Sir Alexander McKenzie

The first European person who crossed the Rocky Mountains for the first time was Sir Alexander McKenzie. He did in in 1793. He crossed the Fraser River and Pacific Coast.

Rocky Mountain Facts 10: Weather

The weather and climate in Rocky Mountains is not easy to predict. The winter is very cold, while the summer season is mild. Find the attractive places near the mountain by checking Yellowstone Nationla Park facts.

Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain

The people who want to enjoy the scene in Rocky Mountains can also visit the two surrounding park located near the mountain ranges. You can visit Rocky Mountain National Park and Yellowstone National Park. You can enjoy various wild animals, plants and flowers here. You will be amazed with natural view.  It is one of the big tourism attractions in the world. What do you think on facts about Rocky Mountains?

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