10 Interesting Himalaya Facts

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Find out about one of the wonderful mountains in the world by reading Himalaya facts. This majestic snowy mountain has very high peak. People all over the world are interested to conquer the peak of Himalaya. This mountain is filled with valleys, peaks, rivers, and glaciers. Find out facts about Himalaya by reading the post below:

Himalaya Facts 1: natural scenery

What makes people interested to climb and explore the Himalayan Mountain is the rich vegetation. Climbers from America, Europe and Asia loved to gather here and climb the mountain.

Himalaya Facts 2: mountain system

You are wrong if you think that the mountain system of the Himalayan Mountain is an old one. Actually, it is the one of the youngest mountains in the world. The mountain system can be seen in six different countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, and Indian. Bhutan and Tibet.

Himalaya facts

Himalaya facts

Himalaya Facts 3: risk

You have to be careful when climbing the Himalayan Mountain. The land in the mountain is very susceptible to tremors, earthquakes and landslides.

Himalaya Facts 4: test

Himalayan mountain system is also a part of the test of some geologists all over the world. Based on the geological feature, this mountain is alive. Each year, Himalayan Mountain moves 20 mm.

Himalaya Gallery

Himalaya Gallery

Himalaya Facts 5: interaction with other countries

The interaction along the countries of Mongolia, China and India is not possible to do for thousand years because of the natural barrier of Great Himalayan Mountains.

Himalaya Facts 6: Himalaya’s name

Do you know the meaning of Himalaya? If you translate this word into English, it means the border of snow.  Therefore, you can find out that Himalayan Mountain is very with a nice name of snow capped mountain.

Himalaya Mountains

Himalaya Mountains

Himalaya Facts 7: Nepal

More than 75 percent of the area in Himalayas is located in Nepal. Nine of the highest peaks of Himalayan mountain ranges are located in Nepal.

Himalaya Facts 8: Mt. Everest

Mt. Everest is included in the Himalayan mountain ranges.  The Nepalese people called this mountain as Samgarmatha. The meaning of this word is Forehead of the Sky or Goddess of the Universe.

Himalaya Pic

Himalaya Pic

Himalaya Facts 9: Tenzing Norgay

The first man who climbed the world highest mountain in the world is Tenzing Norgay. He did it with Edmund Hillary.

Himalaya Facts 10: date rate

Climbing the mountain Everest is not an easy thing to do. The death rate in this region for the climbers is round 9 percent.



It is estimated that 150 people died during the mountain Everest’s climbing expedition. Do you have any opinion on facts about Himalaya?

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