10 Interesting Angel Island Facts

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Angel Island is a place used by many destinations such as quarantine stations, US immigration detention, inspection facilities, and military fortifications. The island is located in California San Francisco Bay. It is the largest island in the region. It becomes the perfect place for cycling and camping. You can do many fun activities while on vacation to this island with your friends and family. The island is also referred to as Ellis Island of the West. The island is also used for farms. The use of the island as a migration station makes 1 million Asian immigrants live on the island. The island has a lot of history so you have to know the interesting facts of this island.

Fact 1: The Name

The island gets its name from Lieutenant Juan Manuel de Ayala. The Spanish naval ship San Carlos entered Europe in 1775 and anchored in San Francisco Bay with the command of Juan de Ayala. Ayala gives a modern name called Isla de Los Ángeles. Ayala Cove is the bay that serves as the berth for Ayala.

Fact 2: The Original

About ten thousand years ago, the island was still connected to the mainland and cut off due to rising sea levels when the ice age was over. This island became a place to hunt and fish for The Coast Miwok about two thousand years ago. They are Native Americans. The historical evidence is found on Tiburon Peninsula and Ring Mountain.

Angel Island Location

Angel Island Location

Fact 3: Robert Redford’s the Candidate

Maybe you already know that Robert Redford’s The Candidate is a famous movie in Hollywood. If you watch this movie, then you will see a cottage designed by Julia Morgan on Angel Island. The cottages were burned during the filming in the 1970s.

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Fact 4: The Biggest Island

It is the largest island in San Francisco Bay with an area of ​​640 acres. This land was explored by Spanish Navy Lieutenant in August 1775.

Angel Island Aerial View

Angel Island Aerial View

Fact 5: Bike Trails

You should know that this island is also known for its beautiful cycling location. You can enjoy the long bike paths on the island. If you cannot bring a bike, then you can rent this bike.

Fact 6: The Tour

You can come to this island when you want to get to know nature from up close. You can set up camp but you have to climb to camp in a comfortable place. You can visit the campsite by boat.

Angel Island Features

Angel Island Features

Fact 7: Cattle Farming

Antonio Maria Osio wanted to make a cattle ranch on this island in 1837 so Antonio asked the Governor of California to give this island.

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Fact 8: Quarantine Station

Ayala Cove established a quarantine station in 1891 and referred to as Cove Hospital. This hospital serves to isolate immigrants who smear the ship and have the disease.

Battery Ledyard in Angel Island

Battery Ledyard in Angel Island

Fact 9: The Chinese

There were 17500 Chinese living on the island in 1910 to 1940. The Chinese had been detained for 90 days to 2 years before the request became immigrants processed by the government.

Fact 10: Nike Missile Base

The island became a Nike missile base in the 1950s and 1960s and this is the last military occupation on Angel Island.

Nike Missile Family

Nike Missile Family

We have talked about 10 interesting facts about Angel Island. Are you interested to visit this island on your next holiday?