10 Interesting Table Mountain Facts

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The important landmark in South Africa is explained on Table Mountain Facts. Have you seen this landmark before? The top of the mountain is in flat form. If you are at the top of the mountain, you can overlook the beauty of Cape Town in the country. There are various local government insignia which feature the landmark image. You can also spot it on the Flag of Cape Town. Get other interesting facts about Table Mountain below:

Table Mountain Facts 1: tourism

Table Mountain is one of the popular tourism objects in Cape Town. There are many tourists who like to hike to the top of the mountain or even use the cableway to reach the top.

Table Mountain Facts 2: Table Mountain National Park

If you are interested to visit Table Mountain, you have to go to the Table Mountain National Park. The people who come here can spot the level plateau. It has the length at 2 miles or 3 km from one side to another side. You can spot the amazing cliffs at the edge of the plateau. Get facts about Sardinia here.


Table Mountain

Table Mountain

Table Mountain Facts 3: a wonderful background

The people who live in Cape Town must know Table Mountain for it gives their city an impressive backdrop. To the west side, you can spot the Lion’s Head plateau, while the Devil’s Peak is spotted to the east side.

Table Mountain Facts 4: the highest point

Table Mountain has the highest point. The location is at the eastern end of the plateau. It is easier to reach the highest point due to the mark created by Sir Thomas Maclear in 1865.  You have to find the stone cairns called Maclear’s Beacon. Check facts about Siberia here.

Table Mountain Beauty

Table Mountain Beauty

Table Mountain Facts 5: the height of Table Mountain

Table Mountain has the height at 3,563 feet or 1,086 metres above the sea elevation.  Compared to the cable station, it is 62 feet or 19 metres higher.

Table Mountain Facts 6: Platteklip Gorge

Platteklip Gorge is another feature in Table Mountain. In English, it means Flat Stone Gorge.  It splits the cliffs of the primary plateau in Table Mountain.

Table Mountain facts

Table Mountain facts

Table Mountain Facts 7: António de Saldanha

António de Saldanha is the first person who ascended Table Mountain in 1503. He reached the mountain and sat at the top by using the road of Platteklip Gorge.

Table Mountain Facts 8: orographic clouds

The orographic clouds often cover the top part of Table Mountain.

Table Mountain Cape Town

Table Mountain Cape Town

Table Mountain Facts 9: the local legend

There is a local legend linked with the presence of orographic clouds. The local people believe that the smoke is presented when there is contest between the local pirate Van Hunks with the Devil.

Table Mountain Facts 10: Cape Fynbos

Cape Fynbos is abundantly spotted on the Table Mountain. It is a home to various biodiversity.

Table Mountain Pic

Table Mountain Pic

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