10 Interesting Guiding in Canada Facts

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Guiding in Canada facts are not so much popular among people who often conduct effort to recognize about Canada. In this case, you will find out that there are more people who become so much interested in learning about the facts here.

Guiding in Canada Facts 1: longest street

Don’t forget when you conduct guiding in Canada, this country has the longest street in the world. The name of the street is Yonge Street. It starts within the lake Ontario and through the Ontario. The length of the street is about 2000 kilometers.

Guiding in Canada Facts 2: Sony screen

In guiding in Canada, you can also recognize the largest Sony big screen. The name is SkyDome. The measurement of the screen is 33ft. x 110 ft. It is the same in the size such as 10.0 m x 33.6 m.

Guiding in Canada facts

Guiding in Canada facts

Guiding in Canada Facts 3: Mount Macdonald Tunnel

When you conduct guiding in Canada, you may find as well about the famous Mount Macdonald Tunnel. It is in the Rogers Pass area of British Columbia. In fact, it is the longest tunnel on the continent. This will be useful for any of you to know in guiding in Canada.

Guiding in Canada Facts 4: Banff National Park

There is quality and famous Banff National Park. It will be great in guiding. It is located in the Alberta Province. It is the oldest park in Canada actually. The establishment is in 1885.

Guiding in Canada Guide

Guiding in Canada Guide

Guiding in Canada Facts 5: largest coin

In guiding in Canada, you may find the largest coin in the world as well. It is in Sudbury Ontario. The name is the Big Nickel. The measurement is 30 feet in diameter. You can guide any people to enjoy this coin actually.

Guiding in Canada Facts 6: walled city

If you decide to guide to Canada, you need to pay attention about certain city such as Quebec. It is the only walled city in Canada. The fact, UNESCO has decided this city to be within the list of World Heritage.

Guiding in Canada Kids

Guiding in Canada Kids

Guiding in Canada Facts 7: history of invasion

You need also to be able to explain about the way USA has ever invaded this country. USA invaded Canada twice. It was in 1775 and 1812.

Guiding in Canada Facts 8:  tallest tower

Canada has the tallest tower in the world. You can explain this to your clients when guiding. The name of the tower is CN Tower. It is in Toronto. The height is 553 m.

Guiding in Canada Pics

Guiding in Canada Pics

Guiding in Canada Facts 9: Blackberry Company

You need to recognize the most about Blackberry Smartphone in Waterloo Ontario. This can be the material as well to explain to your client.

Guiding in Canada Facts 10: Winter Olympics

In explaining about Canada, you can review more about the Winter Olympics. Canada holds the most gold medals.

Guiding in Canada

Guiding in Canada

The facts about Guiding in Canada will become the basic to recognize about such activity. Although people can browse more on any textbook, the facts below can be so much great to become your information about it.

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