10 Interesting Divorce Facts

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Divorce facts are very surprising. This activity conducted not only today but also in the ancient time. Some religion permits divorce, while others forbid it. The people who decide to get married will be so happy to find a lover. However, sometimes the relation turns sour which make them end up the marriage life. Here are the sad facts about divorce:

Divorce Facts 1: Malta

If you live and marry in Malta, you need to know the code rule for divorce. The law of the country does no permit any divorce in the country.  The law which rules the divorce is on the Civil Code and Marriage Act.

Divorce Facts 2: ancient Athens

The people in ancient Athens were not forbidden to divorce their husband or wife. The person who wanted to get divorce had to meet a magistrate.  They should tell the reason on why they wanted to be separated from the spouse.


Divorce Couple

Divorce Couple

Divorce Facts 3: prohibition

Before 1997, the people in Ireland were not allowed to divorce. Now people can divorce if they cannot see any love between the couple.

Divorce Facts 4: cause of divorce

One of the main causes of divorce was a premature pregnancy. The couples have to marry each other so that the baby can have  complete parents. Since they aren’t very comfortable each other, they divorce after the baby was born.

Divorce facts

Divorce facts

Divorce Facts 5: divorce in UK

UK permits the citizens to get divorce from their spouse. However, the marriage should be really broken down so that the judge can give them divorce paper.

Divorce Facts 6: causes of divorce in modern era

There are several causes of divorce in UK. Some of them include the unreasonable behavior, adultery, desertion, two eyes of separation and five years of non consenting separation.

Divorce Paper

Divorce Paper

Divorce Facts 7: the same sex marriage

The Ontario Court of Appeal presents the divorce Act in which the lesbian couple protest because there is no law about the same sex marriage. They want the act to be amendment so that the lesbian or homosexual couples can divorce.

Divorce Facts 8: illegal divorce in Italy

Until 1974, divorce is considered as an illegal act. It is due to the influence of the religion of Catholic Church.

Divorce Rings

Divorce Rings

Divorce Facts 9: Vatican City

In Vatican City, divorce is still considered as an illegal act.

Divorce Facts 10: Philippines

Another country in the world which forbids the couple in the country to divorce is Philippines. Any under legal circumstances, the couple should not divorce.



Sometimes, the couples who lose their child tend to get divorce to get through the hard time. Do you have any suggestion on facts about divorce?

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