10 Interesting Middle Ages Facts

Monday, July 28th 2014. | History

If you like to study about history of Europe, you have to read Middle Ages Facts. The life of the people during the middle ages is a good subject to learn. You can find unique activities that people did in the past time. Here are the full facts about middle ages for you:

Middle Ages Facts 1: population

Let’s find out the population of the people during the middle ages. There were three largest towns around 1200s. Those included London, Paris and Ghent. The population in those cities was around 30,000 to 40,000 people. The cities were located in the northern Europe.  The population of the people in Southern Europe was around 100,000 people.

Middle Ages Facts 2: the first universities

Do you know the first universities in the world were established in Europe in 1100s? One of the famous universities was Oxford University. The students were not allowed to bring arrows and bows inside the class.

middle Ages Battle

middle Ages Battle

Middle Ages Facts 3: Medieval law

The medieval law is different with the modern law. During the middle age, people could sentence an animal if it committed a crime such as killing, hurting or injuring people.

Middle Ages Facts 4: knight

You can only find a knight as a hero during the medieval time. The knight always rode horses. They also carried a weapon or sword and wore heavy amour for protection in the war.

middle Ages Clothes

middle Ages Clothes

Middle Ages Facts 5: chess

Chess was a popular game introduced by the Moors during the middle ages. The Moors also introduced many other ideas in Europe such as tariff, orange, magazines, lute and algebra.

Middle Ages Facts 6: farmer

Most people in the middle ages worked as farmers. They did not own a land. They worked on a farm of the landlord who owned a castle or a manor. Learn more about medieval castle facts here.

middle Ages Facts

middle Ages Facts

Middle Ages Facts 7: crops

The crops that the farmers planted on the landlord included wheat, oats and barley. But they also planted many kinds of fruits and veggies.

Middle Ages Facts 8: the city

Living in the city during the middle ages was not as easy as you might think before. The city was often dirty and filthy. Many people worked as servants, bakers and craftsmen. But you can also find doctors, merchants and lawyers in the cities.

middle Ages Life

middle Ages Life

Middle Ages Facts 9: homes

If you think that most people during the middle ages always lived in a big castle, you are wrong.  They often lived in a small home. The home was not comfortable for it was so tight and dark.

Middle Ages Facts 10: clothes

The clothes of the people were created from the heavy wool. It made the body warm during the winter season. That’s the clothes for the peasants.

middle Ages

middle Ages

The rich people wore the high class clothes made from satin, silk, velvet and fine wool. Do you want to give opinion on facts about middle ages?

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