10 Interesting the Dark Ages Facts

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Get the interesting information about The Dark Ages Facts in the following post. The dark ages is always connected with middle ages.  Due to the destruction of Roman Empire, the Western European people in that era lived in cultural economic and demographic deterioration. The earlier period was called the light era where the Roman Empire flourished.  Here are other interesting facts about the dark ages:

The Dark Ages Facts 1: the written records

The written record in this period of time was very scarce. Therefore, many historians received the obscure information due to the limited sources of records.

The Dark Ages Facts 2: the period of Dark Ages

The period of Dark Ages took place in 6th century until 14th century. It was started after the end of Light of Rome. The Dark Ages ended in Italian Renaissance where many inventions in various fields were achieved by people.

Facts about The Dark Ages

Facts about The Dark Ages

The Dark Ages Facts 3: Francesco Petrarca

Francesco Petrarca was the Italian scholar who coined the Dark Ages concept in 1330s. He believed that the classical antiquity as light, while the post Roman centuries as dark.

The Dark Ages Facts 4: the term Dark Age

In 1602, Caesar Baronius coined the term Dark Age used to characterize the period of time in the tenth to eleventh centuries. The term was taken from saeculum obscurum. It was a Latin phrase.

The Dark Ages Pic

The Dark Ages Pic

The Dark Ages Facts 5: the concept of the historians

The historians had different point view related to the period of Dark Ages. They believed that it took place circa 11th century till 13th century. It was between the Roman times and High Middle Ages.

The Dark Ages Facts 6: the characteristics

The historians mention some characteristics of Dark Ages. During the period, it had limited cultural achievement, lack of building activity, decline in the demography, lack of Latin literature, and limited written history.

The Dark Ages

The Dark Ages

The Dark Ages Facts 7: Early middle Ages

There are several historians who do not denote the term Dark Age to call the entire period of middle Ages. They specify it on the Early Middle Ages.

The Dark Ages Facts 8: the image of middle Ages

The image of middle Ages is always associated with deterioration, decay and darkness. The historians in 19th century tried to challenge the view by showing some achievements in the era. Find facts about middle ages here.

The Dark Ages Facts

The Dark Ages Facts

The Dark Ages Facts 9: the positive development of middle Ages

The middle Ages are not always bad after the positive development is seen due to the rise of archeology. Check facts about the Celts here.

The Dark Ages Facts 10: the aspect of culture

The aspect of culture is often stressed in middle Ages. Therefore, it was divided in several eras depending on the cultural aspects such as Great Migration, Early Middle Ages and Late Antiquity.

The Dark Ages Images

The Dark Ages Images

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