10 Interesting Civil Rights Movement Facts

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Civil rights movement facts present one of the greatest turning points in American history. This is one of the main subjects that people should notice if you concern more about the movement in the country. Civil right movement is always associates Martin Luther King.

Civil Rights Movement Facts 1: Martin Luther King

The man who killed Martin Luther King was James Earl Ray on 4 April 1968.  The incident occurred in a hotel located in Memphis. Now the hotel used as the National Civil Museum.

Civil Rights Movement Facts 2: Stokeley Carmichael

Stokeley Carmichael was the militant activist who used the term black power in his speech in Seattle on April 1967. He was the founder of SNCC or Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. The phrase black power is often linked with black panthers.

Civil Rights Movement and Marches

Civil Rights Movement and Marches

Civil Rights Movement Facts 3: Black Panthers

Black Panthers were created because of the militant passion of Bobby Seale. This party was often associated with the shootouts with FBI and police.

Civil Rights Movement Facts 4: Violent Race Riots

Violent race riots occurred in Los Angeles suburb called Watts during the week of 11 to 17 August 1965. The damages were estimated around 200 million dollar. It took the life of 34 people. Read Malcolm X facts for a great figure in civil right movement.

Civil Rights Movement Facts

Civil Rights Movement Facts

Civil Rights Movement Facts 5: Freedom Summer

The black people in Mississippi had a voting push on the government to register black people. This freedom summer was used against the regime of all white people in Mississippi because they wanted the education poor and uneducated black to vote. A prominent woman of civil movement is seen in Ruby Bridges facts.

Civil Rights Movement Facts 6: Orval Faubus

Orval Faubus was the Arkansas governor who stopped the integration of all white school. It made the president at that time Eisenhower asked the federal troops and national guards to integrate it.

Civil Rights Movement for African American People

Civil Rights Movement for African American People

Civil Rights Movement Facts 7: Emmett Till

Emmett Till was a 14 year old black boy. He came from Chicago. He was brutally beaten by two white men named J. W. Milam and Roy Bryant in 1955. The kid was dumped by the men in Tallahatchie River. They were acquitted by all-white jury in the trial, Even though both of them had confessed the murder in Look Magazine.

Civil Rights Movement Facts 8:  Thurgood Marshall

Thurgood Marshall was the attorney for the NAACP who established the equal access of education for black people. In 1964 he was appointed by Lyndon B. Johnson as the first black Supreme Court justice.

Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights Movement Facts 9: George W. Lee

George W. Lee was a minister and civil right activist. He came from Belzoni Mississippi. He was killed in a drive by shooting at the night of 7th May 1955.

Civil Rights Movement Facts 10: Lamar Smith

Another man named Lamar Smith was killed on 13th August 1955. He was a WWII veteran and civil right activist. He was killed in a lawn of Lincoln County Courthouse, Mississippi.

Civil Rights Movements

Civil Rights Movements

Civil right movement is very important to African American people because now they have similar right to access equal education and to vote. Do you want to comment on facts about civil right movement?

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