10 Interesting American Revolution Facts

Thursday, November 7th 2013. | History

American Revolution facts make you know more about the American history. If you are an avid reader you can read a number of books about the American Revolution written by Thomas Flemming. You can also read “Liberty! The American Revolution,” which talked about Thomas Jefferson. Here are some facts that you can highlight from the American Revolution:

American Revolution Facts 1: the lowest taxes

In 1776, the American people had the lowest taxes with the highest standard of living. Most of them end up as a merchants and plantation owners. With the conditions, the British people want to gain more taxes from the colonist.

American Revolution Facts 2: Boston tea party

Many people think that it was only one Boston tea party. In reality there were two Boston tea parties. On December 16, 1773 the people dumped the tea on the Boston harbor. The second tea party occurred on March 7, 1774.

American Revolution

American Revolution

American Revolution Facts 3: Paul Revere Parker

Actually Paul Revere Parker did not want to start a war. When the British troop approached, he commended his army to fight back.

American Revolution Facts 4: declaration of independence

The declaration of independence was written by Benjamin Franklin in 1775.

American Revolution Facts

American Revolution Facts

American Revolution Facts 5: Nathan Hale

Nathan Hale was hung by British because he was guilty not only trying to burn New York but also spying.

American Revolution Facts 6: David Bushnell

David Bushnell was a Connecticut inventor. He was the one who created the first submarine. He called it turtle. This submarine was on labor in New York Harbor in 1776.

American Revolution image

American Revolution image

American Revolution Facts 7: Benedict Arnold

Who was the best general in the continental army? He was Benedict Arnold. In 1780, Benedict Arnold took off from the alliances because he was disapproved by French.

American Revolution Facts 8: black people

Many of Washington’s army was black. At first, Washington did not want to include black people. But he heard that they fought well in a war. He started to persuade them to fight for Americans by promising a freedom.

American Revolution Pic

American Revolution Pic

American Revolution Facts 9: Continental Army

The people who serve the continental army were not only men but also women. One of the notorious ladies who fought was Molly Pitcher. She took the responsibility on the cannon of his wounded husband in the battle of Monmouth.

American Revolution Facts 10: the best spymaster

Do you know the best spymaster in the American history? He was George Washington. He created an inflated report to make British people confused.

American Revolution Tribute

American Revolution Tribute

It seems that nationality has been a part of the people in America in the past. There were more American people fighting for Washington than those for British army. Are you fascinated with facts about American Revolution?

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