10 Interesting Medieval Europe Facts

Thursday, July 17th 2014. | History

Medieval Europe Facts inform you with the social life of the people in Europe between AD 1000 and 1500. During this period, you can find a lot of cathedrals, castles and growing towns. The hills are quite fascinating to view with the green lands. If you want to know more about the medieval Europe, you need to read the following post below:

Medieval Europe Facts 1: power

Who is the most powerful person during the medieval Europe? The king will be the answer. Most areas in Europe were led a by a king. The armies of the kings included foot soldiers and knights.

Medieval Europe Facts 2: life style

The life style of the people was determined by their class. If you are noble people, you can get access to universities, hospitals, and schools. The church was also important to the daily life of the people. The king would be helped by the nobles to run the kingdom. They collected taxes from the people.

Medieval Europe facts

Medieval Europe facts

Medieval Europe Facts 3: belief

Let’s find out the belief of the medieval people. The church and king was the representative of God who ruled the area. The one who created the world is the God. The monks and priests usually could read and write. Only few people during this era could read and write.

Medieval Europe Facts 4: trade

Trade was very important in the medieval Europe. The town grew with great trade. You can find market in the medieval European where people traded by exchanging their goods.

Medieval Europe Knights

Medieval Europe Knights

Medieval Europe Facts 5: peasants

The life of the peasants during the medieval Europe was not really good. They had to work in the local lord’s field.  The lord had power over them.

Medieval Europe Facts 6: Eleanor of Aquitaine

One of the important persons during the medieval Europe was Eleanor of Aquitaine. She lived from 1122 to 1204. She was considered as the richest heiress in France. She married twice. In 1137, she was the wife of King Louis VII of France. In 1154, she married King Henry II of England.

Medieval Europe Map

Medieval Europe Map

Medieval Europe Facts 7: castle

It will be incomplete if we don’t talk about castle in medieval Europe. Castle was used as a symbol of wealth. It usually was built in the top of earth.  The castles were often used for strong defensive walls and fortified building.

Medieval Europe Facts 8: Rochester Castle

Rochester Castle is located in England. It was built in 1130.

Medieval Europe Pics

Medieval Europe Pics

Medieval Europe Facts 9: Knights

Knights were the armies of the king who rode horses. They usually came from noble family who armed them with war horses, armor and weapon. Read knight facts here.

Medieval Europe Facts 10: spice

Let’s find out the spices that the people in the Middle Ages used to cook. Some of them included saffron, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Medieval Europe

Medieval Europe

The spices were not used during the cooking process. They are passed during the meal time. Are you fascinated with facts about Medieval Europe?

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