10 Interesting English Grammar Facts

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If you want to write and speak English fluently, you need to know English grammar facts. The grammar is the main foundation that you have to learn if you want to speak and write English correctly. This language is very important so that you need to koe

English Grammar Facts 1: what is grammar?

When we learn English, the most important thing to concern is the grammar.  If you have realized the rule of grammar, it will be easy for you to combine, change and organize the parts of speech such as verb, noun, adjective or adverbs. You will be easy to understand each sentence produced in the English.

English Grammar Facts 2: parts of speech

There are nine parts of speech in English grammar. Those are noun, verb, adjective, adverb and many more.

English Grammar Books

English Grammar Books

English Grammar Facts 3: noun

You need to find out noun. The ideas which include in a noun part of speech are animals, place, thing, person and abstract idea.

English Grammar Facts 4: adjective

The part of speech used to modify the pronoun and noun is called adjective. You can find many adjectives come before the pronouns or noun. It usually used to identify, describe and quantify words.

English Grammar Cover

English Grammar Cover

English Grammar Facts 5: verbs

The most vital part of speech is verb. It can be used to express event, action and state of being.

English Grammar Facts 6: adverbs

Adverb has many functions. It can be used to modify another adverb, adjective, verb, clause and phrase.  Adverb has several types such as a adverb of degree, cause, place, time and manner.

English Grammar facts

English Grammar facts

English Grammar Facts 7: other types of parts of speeches

Other types of parts of speech that you need to find out include conjunctions, pronouns, determiners, preposition, and exclamation.

English Grammar Facts 8: grammatical forms

There are different grammatical forms in English. You can see different tense, prepositional phrases, comparative sentences, passive voice, suffixes, prefixes and contrast clause.

English Grammar

English Grammar

English Grammar Facts 9: grammar rules

Grammar rules are not exact because language keeps moving all of the times. Sometimes the rule applied few years ago cannot be applied in the modern years.

English Grammar Facts 10: spoken language

The spoken language that people use in every life usually is different with the written one.



Since learning English is very important, the English teacher should be capable of describing and explaining the rule of grammar. Therefore, their students can combine different parts of speech in the right manner. How do you like the facts about English grammar?

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