10 Interesting Greek Mythology Facts

Sunday, March 2nd 2014. | Mythology

Greek Mythology facts give the information about the Greek ancient life time. It is always associated with magnificent temples. There are many kinds of Hollywood movies inspired from the Greek mythology such as Thor and Percy and the Lightning Thief. Find out the information about Greek mythology below:

Greek Mythology Facts 1: temples

In Greek mythology, there are many kinds of famous temples. Some of them include Valley of the Temples of Agrigento, the Tempio di Apollo of Syracuse and Taormina’s temples.

Greek Mythology Facts 2: Apollo

The Apollo statue is found in Greece.  He was the god who represented the beauty, sun, light and positivity.

Greek Mythology  Zeus

Greek Mythology Zeus

Greek Mythology Facts 3: Cronus

Cronus is the father of Zeus. This man had some children with Rhea. Besides, Zeus, Cronus‘s children were Hades, Hestia, Poseidon, Hera, and Demeter. Since he did not want to be overcome by his children, he swallowed all of his children.

Greek Mythology Facts 4: the ones which raised Zeus

To save Zeus’ life, his mother Rhea gave birth to him on Crete. He was raised by various things. Amalthea was one of the things which raised Zeus. It was a goat. Can you believe it?

Greek Mythology facts

Greek Mythology facts

Greek Mythology Facts 5: Adamanthea

Adamanthea was the name of the nymph who raised Zeus. To make Zeus invisible to his father, Cronus who ruled over the sea, heaven and earth, Adamanthea dangled Zeus on a rope from a tree. It is created to make him dangling between the sea, Earth and heave. That’s why Cronus cannot find Zeus.

Greek Mythology Facts 6: saving his brothers and sisters

Based on the Greek mythology, Zeus was the one who saved his sisters and brothers who had been swallowed by his father, Cronus.

Greek Mythology Roles

Greek Mythology Roles

Greek Mythology Facts 7: the king of good and goddesses

After saving his sisters and brothers, Zeus defeated his father with their help. He became the king of gods and goddesses.

Greek Mythology Facts 8: Hera

Hera was the sister of Zeus. She became Zeus’s wife even though she was his sister. Many other wives of Zeus had a close relation with him.

Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology Facts 9: marriage

Based on Hesiodos’ Theogoneia, Zeus married six times before he got hitched with his sister, Hera.

Greek Mythology Facts 10: off springs

Since Zeus loved women much, he married and had a special relation with more than 70 women. All of them were divine, mortal and semi divine women. Therefore, he had a lot of children.



There are many names that Zeus has. Some of them include Zeus Horkios, Zeus Panhellenios, and Zeus Olympios. Are you interested with facts about Greek Mythology?

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