10 Interesting the Iroquois Facts

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Find out The Iroquois Facts in the following post below. The Iroquois were known due to the establishment of Iroquois Confederacy and Iroquois League during the French colonial years. Iroquois had been noted as the significant and notable northeast Native American confederacy. The English called the Iroquois as the Five Nations before 1722. Then the confederacy was called as Six Nations. The members of Iroquois included Seneca, Cayuga, Mohawk, Oneida, Tuscarora and Onondaga people. Here are the details about Iroquois:

The Iroquois Facts 1: the cultures

The cultures of Iroquois were diverse because they absorbed the cultures of other people due to adoption of captives and warfare. The displaced people that they helped and gave shelters also brought new cultures absorbed by the Iroquois.

The Iroquois Facts 2: the population of Six Nations people

There were 80,000 Six Nations People who lived in United States in 2010. Canada was inhabited by more than 45,000 people.

The Iroquois Facts

The Iroquois Facts

The Iroquois Facts 3: the captives

One of the important aspects of culture in Iroquois is related to the dead tradition. The captives were used to replace the dead symbolically. The Iroquois captured captives by arranging raids to relieve their mourning for losing the beloved people. The dead member in the family will be replaced by the adopted captive.

The Iroquois Facts 4: the process of captive adoption

By adopting captives, the Iroquois assimilated with their enemies and kept the number of the population.

The Iroquois Pictures

The Iroquois Pictures

The Iroquois Facts 5: the settlement of Iroquois

Iroquois settled on a small number of large villages when they had the first contact with European people. When the firewood and soil was lessened, they would move the villages.

The Iroquois Facts 6: the selected location

Iroquois chose the location for settlement carefully. It should give them access to water and defensible area.

The Iroquois Life

The Iroquois Life

The Iroquois Facts 7: the population of Iroquois

Before 1634, it was estimated that the population of the Iroquois reached 20,000 people. When they had contact with European people, the number of Iroquois was reduced due to the epidemic of smallpox after 1635. The number of population was only 6,800 individuals.

The Iroquois Facts 8: the main diet

Squash, bean and corns were the main crops that the Iroquois planted. The Iroquois also gained their food from hunting. Check facts about the Hopi Tribe here.

The Iroquois Image

The Iroquois Image

The Iroquois Facts 9: storage

During the winter, Iroquois would store their food which could last around 2 until 3 years. They had to move the villages if the soil was not fertile anymore.

The Iroquois Facts 10: gathering

The kids and women had their job to gather food. During the summer season, nuts, berries, greens and wild roots will be gathered for food. Get facts about Native Americans here.

The Iroquois Homes

The Iroquois Homes

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