10 Interesting Surrealism Facts

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Find out the interesting Surrealism Facts in the following post below. In the beginning of 1920s, this cultural movement started. The application of surrealism can be seen in literature and visual artworks. Surrealism makes the artworks unique for it has the illogical scenes. The unconsciousness will be expressed by the artists through the painting techniques and everyday objects. Let’s find out other interesting facts about Surrealism below:

Surrealism Facts 1: the elements of Surrealism’s works

The works of Surrealism reflects several important elements such as the non sequitur, unusual juxtaposition and element of surprise.

Surrealism Facts 2: the expression

The people who consider themselves as surrealist writers or artists view their surrealist works as the artifacts of surrealism.  They also use it to present the philosophical movement of this surrealism expression.

Surrealism Image

Surrealism Image

Surrealism Facts 3: Paris

Paris is considered as the center of Surrealist movement. During the World War I, this movement was developed from the Dada activities. Then surrealism can be seen in many parts of the world since 1920s.

Surrealism Facts 4: the fields

There are various fields affected by surrealism such as the art, literature, music, movies and many more. The social theory, philosophy and politics are influenced by surrealism too.

Surrealism Pic

Surrealism Pic

Surrealism Facts 5: the Surrealist Group

There was a periodical issued by the surrealist group in Paris in 1930 until 1933.

Surrealism Facts 6: the people who joined the group

Roberto Matta, Gordon Onslow Ford and Wolfgang Paalen decided to join the surrealist group in the period of 1936 through 1938. The new pictorial automatic techniques were contributed by Onslow Ford Coulage.

Facts about Surrealism

Facts about Surrealism

Surrealism Facts 7: the visual program

The surrealist group had to face the professional, political as well as the personal tension before it was accepted by the people. The visual program in the surrealist art was partly defined by Dali and Magritte. It affected not only painting, but also photography.

Surrealism Facts 8: the surrealist literature

Can you mention some examples of surrealist literature? They include Sadegh Hedayat’s the Blind Owl (1937), Artaud’s Le Pèse-Nerfs (1926), Breton’s Sur la route de San Romano (1948), Péret’s Death to the Pigs (1929), Aragon’s Irene’s Cunt (1927), and many more. Find facts about graffiti here.

Surrealism Facts

Surrealism Facts

Surrealism Facts 9: the famous surrealists

Some of the famous surrealists in the world include John Tunnard, Yves Tanguy, Max Ernst, Man Ray, Masson and others.

Surrealism Facts 10: the surrealist movies

Some of the early examples of surrealist movies include Le sang d’un poète by Jean Cocteau (1930), Un Chien Andalou by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí (1929), Entr’acte by René Clair (1924) and L’Âge d’Or by Buñuel and Dalí (1930). Get facts about Shakespeare’s works here.



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