10 Interesting the First Fleet Facts

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The First Fleet Facts present the interesting information about the eleven ships which reached Australia to establish a penal colony. On May 13th, 1787 the fleet left Great Britain. The ships were very important in the history of Australia for it tried to establish the first settlement in the country. Get other interesting facts about the first fleet below:

The First Fleet Facts 1: the components of the first fleet

There were several components taken by the first fleet. Those were 6 convict transports, 3 store ships and 2 royal navy vessels.

The First Fleet Facts 2: the passengers in the first fleet

There were many passengers in the first fleet.  You can spot the seamen, marines and convicts.

The First Fleet Facts

The First Fleet Facts

The First Fleet Facts 3: the travel route

The fleet was directed to southwest to reach Rio de Janeiro from England. Before it reached Botany Bay, the fleet traveled east to Cape Town and Great Southern Ocean.

The First Fleet Facts 4: the length of the journey

It took around 250 to 252 days for the first fleet. In mid January 1788, the first fleet arrived in Botany Bay.

The First Fleet History

The First Fleet History

The First Fleet Facts 5: the original plan

Actually the government of Great Britain had the intention to transport the convicts to North America in the Thirteen Colonies. However, this plan could not be conducted because of the American won the War of Independence in 1783. Therefore, the new convicts were rejected by United States.

The First Fleet Facts 6: a penal colony

Great Britain decided to establish a penal colony in New South Wales after the Orders in Council were issued on December 6th, 1785. James Cook was the British explorer who had claimed the ownership of the land in the past for England.

The First Fleet Images

The First Fleet Images

The First Fleet Facts 7: Commodore Arthur Phillip

Commodore Arthur Phillip commanded the First Fleet. On 8-12 January 1788, the ships arrived at Botany Bay. On 18th January, HMS Supply harbored. On 19th January, Friendship, Scarborough and Alexander arrived at Botany Bay. On 20th January, the other ships landed.

The First Fleet Facts 8: the cost

The government had to spend £84,000 for the First Fleet to have this journey. In 2014, the cost was equal with £9.5 million. Check facts about Constitutional Convention here.

The First Fleet Pic

The First Fleet Pic

The First Fleet Facts 9: other commanders in the ships

Lieutenant Henry Lidgbird Ball commanded HMS Supply. Captain John Hunter took the command for HMS Sirius.

The First Fleet Facts 10: the supply

There were several types of supplies taken in the first fleet such as agricultural implements, agricultural equipment, crockery, ropes, leg irons, surgical instruments, medical supplies, tool and many more. Find facts about the early 1900s in America here.

The First Fleet Image

The First Fleet Image

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