10 Interesting Battle of Saratoga Facts

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Battle of Saratoga Facts tells you about the peak of the battle which marked the surrender of John Burgoyne. He was the British general. This battle became the turning point of the Revolutionary war for the Americans. This general was the primary leader of the British soldier. He was called as Gentleman Johnny. Find out more interesting facts about Battle of Saratoga below:

Battle of Saratoga Facts 1: the American leader

Major General Horatio Gates was the primary leader of the American soldiers. He led the soldiers along with Generals Benjamin Lincoln and Benedict Arnold. Other important figures are General Enoch Poor and Colonel Daniel Morgan.

Battle of Saratoga Facts 2: the victory

The Battle of Saratoga is very important in the American Revolutionary war for it marked the victory of the Americans over the battle against the British.

Battle of Saratoga Picture

Battle of Saratoga Picture

Battle of Saratoga Facts 3: the large invasion

The large invasion was led by British General John Burgoyne from Canada to the Champlain Valley. This general hoped that he would find the southern forces who marched from New York City to northward. However, they never arrived.

Battle of Saratoga Facts 4: New York

When the general and his army were in New York, they were surrounded by the American forces. Therefore, both parties had two small battles.

Battle of Saratoga

Battle of Saratog

Battle of Saratoga Facts 5: surrender

General Burgoyne decided to surrender after he had no backup on 17th October.  His army was trapped by the American forces and he could do nothing.

Battle of Saratoga Facts 6: a turning point

The winning for the American was a big turning point for they could win the war without any assistance from the foreign countries.

Battle of Saratoga Facts

Battle of Saratoga Facts

Battle of Saratoga Facts 7: the strategy

At first, the strategy of General Burgoyne was great when he decided to divide New England. However, it became weak after he had to face the logistical problems. Find out facts about American revolution here.

Battle of Saratoga Facts 8: Battle of Freeman’s Farm

At the Battle of Freeman’s Farm occurred on 19th September, he could win over the General Horatio Gates and the Continental Army.

Battle of Saratoga Pic

Battle of Saratoga Pic

Battle of Saratoga Facts 9: Battle of Bemis Heights

The General and his soldiers had to lose during Battle of Bemis Heights which occurred on October 7th.  The Americans were successful to capture some parts of British defenses. Get facts about American history here.

Battle of Saratoga Facts 10: the retreat

He had to retreat after he and his soldiers were surrounded by the Americans on 17th October.


Battle of Saratoga Image

Battle of Saratoga Image

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