10 Interesting Ancient Athens Facts

Saturday, November 9th 2013. | History

Ancient Athens facts provide the information about one of the oldest cities in the world. Athens gives the world with the cultural legacy and heritage. People are impressed with the story surrounding the Greek mythological characters such as Achilles, Zeus, Poseidon and many more. In this post I will show you some interesting facts about ancient Athens:

Ancient Athens Facts 1: Athens

Athens is not only the capital of Greece.  This city is used as the capital city for Athens Prefecture and Attica Periphery.

Ancient Athens Facts 2: Acropolis

The first settlement in Athens is located in Acropolis. The evidence stated that it was inhabited around 3,000 BC.

Ancient Athens City

Ancient Athens City

Ancient Athens Facts 3: name

There are several names used to call the city of Athens. People always recognize this city as the birthplace of democracy and the cradle of western civilization.

Ancient Athens Facts 4: Omonia Square

The oldest square located in Athens is Omonia Square. If you intend to go to Athens, you can find many archeological researches on the museum.

Ancient Athens Facts

Ancient Athens Facts

Ancient Athens Facts 5: prominent philosophers

The city of Athens becomes the birthplace of wonderful writers and philosophers such as Sophocles, Pericles, and Socrates.

Ancient Athens Facts 6: ostraka

The name for the publication that the people dislike will be written in a broken piece of pottery called as ostraka.

Ancient Athens Temple

Ancient Athens Temple

Ancient Athens Facts 7: Attica

Attica is a term used to call an Athenian who ruled an area in Athens. Usually the area contains some precious resources such as marble, silver and lead.

Ancient Athens Facts 8: navy

If you want to know the greatest navy army in Greece, you can see it in Athens.

Aphrodite sclupture

Aphrodite sclupture

Ancient Athens Facts 9: Parthenon

Parthenon is one of the main tourism objects that people can visit today.   This is an old temple located on the rocky hill of Acropolis. You can find a big statue of Athena. She is the goddess whom the local people believe protecting the city of Athens.

Ancient Athens Facts 10: visitors

People can learn many things when they come to Athens. Every year, there are many people all over the world come to this city to make a research or to trade.


Ancient Athens Temple

Ancient Athens Temple

If you go to Athens and want to visit the central square in the city, you just have go to Syntagma Square. This is the home to many kinds of hotels and parliament. Do you want to add more facts about ancient Athens?

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