10 Interesting the Color Pink Facts

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The Color Pink Facts inform you with the pale version of red tone. This color is often used to symbolize sweetness, sensitivity, beauty, charm, love, romantic, femininity, tenderness and politeness. It can be used to show seduction or eroticism if you combine pink with black or violet. The name of the color is taken from the name of a flower. In the end of 17th century, people began to use the word pink as a color for the first time. Here are the other interesting facts about color pink:

The Color Pink Facts 1: the flower

As I have stated before, the name of the color is derived from a name of a flower. It is included in the genus Dianthus.

The Color Pink Facts 2: the pink color in the ancient time

The color pink had been recognized by the people since the ancient era. It can be seen in an epic poem On the Nature of Things by Lucretius.



The Color Pink Facts 3: the color of fashion

In the middle Ages, pink was not selected as a popular color in fashion.  The brighter red like crimson was more popular among the nobles. But pink could be found in religious art and fashion of women even though it was rare.

The Color Pink Facts 4: the association of pink

Pink was associated with the body of Christ in 13th and 14th century. You can spot it in pictures of Christ Child dressed in pink in the works of Cimabue and Duccio.

The Color Pink Facts

The Color Pink Facts

The Color Pink Facts 5: the Madonna of the Pinks

Raphael was the creator of the Madonna of the Pinks painting. In the picture, you can spot a pink flower presented to Virgin Mary by the Christ Child.

The Color Pink Facts 6: pink in Renaissance era

The artists used pink as the color for the hand and face in the Renaissance period. The light cinabrese was used to get the pink pigment. The people can get it by mixing lime white and venetian red. Check facts about the Colour wheel here.

PInk Shoes

PInk Shoes

The Color Pink Facts 7: the fashionable pastel color

The pastel color was very fashionable and popular in 1920 until 1777. It was during the Rococo Period. Pink was at its golden age.

The Color Pink Facts 8: Madame de Pompadour

King Louis XV of France had a mistress named Madame de Pompadour. She liked wearing pink and pale blue combination. Get facts about the Colour Blue here.

The Color Pink Pic

The Color Pink Pic

The Color Pink Facts 9: pink in 19th century

The young boys in England wore the pink ribbons in 19th century. The red ribbon was used by the adult men.

The Color Pink Facts 10: Claude Monet

Claude Monet is one of the notable impressionist painters in the world.  In Springtime (1872), Monet chose green, blue and pink to show the shadows of white dress.

Facts about The Color Pink

Facts about The Color Pink

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