10 Interesting Krakatoa Facts

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Are you interested to read one of the biggest eruptions in the world in Krakatoa facts? You have to read the following post below. Even though the eruption was occurred in 1883, people still remind it until today.  The disaster brought great impact since many buildings and islands were destroyed. Many people were killed at that time. Here are the facts about Krakatoa to know:

Krakatoa Facts 1: pyroclastic flows

The Krakatoa eruption was very big which created pyroclastic flows. The flow was not only seen on the surrounding area of Krakatoa but also in the nearby islands and surface of the ocean.

Krakatoa Facts 2: hurricane force winds

The eruption of Krakatoa also produced the hurricane force winds, burned rock and super hot gasses. When people living near the Krakatoa were affected by the gasses, they got burned.

Krakatoa Eruption

Krakatoa Eruption

Krakatoa Facts 3: tsunami

Tsunami is one of the important terms when there is an earthquake centered in the ocean. The eruption of Krakatoa also created tsunami which destroyed the village, sand ships and killed people.

Krakatoa Facts 4: Krakatoa Island

More than 200 years before the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883, there were three volcanoes located in the island which were not exploded. Therefore, the explosion was very brutal in 1883.

Krakatoa Facts

Krakatoa Facts

Krakatoa Facts 5: climatic eruption

On August 26th 1883, the climatic eruption started on Krakatoa Island.  The black ash spread on the air for around 25 km. The eruption occurred not only in the afternoon, but it continued at night.

Krakatoa Facts 6: four great eruptions

At 5:30, people were surprised with the four great eruptions in the next morning.  Most islands in the area were blown away. The people living in Australia and Indian Ocean heard the sound of the eruption because it was very big.

Krakatoa Map

Krakatoa Map

Krakatoa Facts 7: death toll

The Tsunami occurred in the islands killed more than 36,000 people in two days.

Krakatoa Facts 8: Java and Sumatra

The burned gasses and rocks from Krakatoa were hot enough to kill the people in Java and Sumatra. More than 10 percent of the people killed here lived near Java and Sumatra.

Krakatoa Newspaper

Krakatoa Newspaper

Krakatoa Facts 9: Anak Krakatoa

Even though the eruption had stopped, but Krakatoa created Anak Krakatoa as a result of the eruption in 1883. The geologists keep monitoring Anak Krakatoa because this volcano is very active. Check volcano facts here.

Krakatoa Facts 10: date of eruption

Krakatoa has been rumbled for more than four months. It finally erupted on August 27, 1883.



The people living around Anak Krakatoa should be aware with the eruption. Do you want to share ideas on facts about Krakatoa?

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