10 Interesting Berlin Wall Facts

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If you want to learn one of the prominent histories in the world, read Berlin Wall facts. Berlin wall is located in Berlin. It was used as a symbol of different ideologies between the west and east. The east belongs to the communist power, while the west has their democrative value. People probably remember with the speech that Kennedy delivered in June for about 50 years ago with the title Ich bin ein Berliner. It was the speech used by Kennedy as a response to the division of Germany. Look at more facts about berlin wall in the following post:

Berlin Wall Facts 1: Time of Building

In 1961, berlin wall was built by the Soviet backed East Germany. The east claimed that the berlin wall actually was used to avoid any western spies coming to the east side.

Berlin Wall Facts 2: Contradiction of Wall

Berlin wall was constructed in four phases. Those are the wire fence, improved wire fence, concrete wall and improved concrete wall. The height of the wall is around 3.6 meter or 12 feet. The length and thickness are around 140 km or 1.2 meters.

Berlin Wall Facts

Berlin Wall Facts

Berlin Wall Facts 3: Rathaus Schöneberg

It was on the step of Rathaus Schöneberg that Kennedy delivered his speech. It was located in the town hall of the borough of Tempelhof-Schöneberg. The location was renamed as John F. Kennedy-Platz after his assassination. See John F. Kennedy facts here.

Berlin Wall Facts 4: US and West Germany

Kennedy speech at that time showed that US stood on the side of West Germany. If the east tried to take the country, US would give a help to defend it. Find a nice place in US by looking at Liberty Bell facts.

Berlin Wall in Germany

Berlin Wall in Germany

Berlin Wall Facts 5: Escape

Berlin wall is so thick and hard to tackle.   There were 500 people who escaped from the east country. But many people were reportedly died.

Berlin Wall Facts 6: Anti Escape Features

Berlin wall is filled with anti-escaped feature which make people unable to be free from the east country. It is so hard to climb because of the top of the fence was filled with smooth pipe. It is also equipped with barbed wire. It also contains the anti-vehicles trenches, 116 watchtowers and dogs to guard the surrounding area.

Berlin Wall in the Past

Berlin Wall in the Past

Berlin Wall Facts 7: How to Escape

Many people did a lot of things to escape from the berlin wall to reach West Germany. Some of them use the hot air balloon, dig tunnel, sneak through pipe system and also use ultra-light airplanes.

Berlin Wall Facts 8: Hungary border

In summer season of 1989, the Hungary border was open. The importance of the wall was decreased because people can go to the West Germany from Hungary to Austria.

Berlin Wall Timeline

Berlin Wall Timeline

Berlin Wall Facts 9: Berlin Wall Collapse

On November 9 1989, the people from east and West Germany were happy because they moved freely to the country. They celebrate the happiness by crashing down the wall.

Berlin Wall Facts10: Reunion

In 1990, all walls in berlin wall were destroyed. The citizens united on 3 October 1990.

Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall

There were several mauerspechte or souvenir hunters who took all the chisels, hammer or even sledge hammer from the wall. Do you want to say something on facts about berlin wall?

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