10 Interesting Chester Zoo Facts

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An interesting place located in Cheshire, England is explained on Chester Zoo Facts. George Mottershead and his family opened this zoological garden in 1931 at Upton by Chester. It covers the area of 51 hectares or 125 acres. The total land holding is 160 hectares or 400 acres. That is why it is dubbed as one of the largest zoos in United Kingdom.

Chester Zoo Facts 1: the operation

North of England Zoological Society operates and manages Chester Zoo. In 1934, this charity was established. This independent zoo is aided by the fund from the British government.

Chester Zoo Facts 2: visitors

Even though it does not receive any funding from the government, it is very popular among the visitors. In 2014, Chester Zoo handled 1.4 million visitors.

Chester Zoo Image

Chester Zoo Image

Chester Zoo Facts 3: a notable attraction

Chester Zoo is considered as a notable attraction in England. It was included in the list of best 15 zoos in the world in 2007 in Forbes.  TripAdvisor called as the seventh best zoo in the world. In United Kingdom, it was called the best zoo in July 2015.

Chester Zoo Facts 4: the concept

The ideas of Heini Hediger and Carl Hagenbeck inspired Mottershead to create a modern zoo. He was not interested to implement the traditional Victorian bars to cage the animals for it was too old fashioned. According to the Zoo Licensing Act in 1981, a fence was used to enclose the zoo in 1986.

Chester Zoo Pic

Chester Zoo Pic

Chester Zoo Facts 5: Realm of the Red Ape

In May 2007, Realm of the Red Ape was opened. It features the Bornean and Sumantran orangutans from Indonesia.

Chester Zoo Facts 6: Natural Vision

Natural Vision was the project of Chester Zoo revealed to the public in January 2009. It would cost £225 million.

Chester Zoo Pictures

Chester Zoo Pictures

Chester Zoo Facts 7: African-rainforest-themed sanctuary

The initial phase of Natural Vision featured African-rainforest-themed sanctuary where it contained okapi, tropical birds, fishes, reptiles, amphibians, gorillas and chimpanzees.

Chester Zoo Facts 8: other features

Other features in Chester Zoo included a Conservation College, a 90-room hotel and a redesigned primary entrance. Look at facts about zoo here.

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo Facts 9: Dr Mark Pilgrim

Dr Mark Pilgrim is the director general who manages and leads the executive team of the zoo.

The managing director of Chester Zoo is Jamie Christon.

Chester Zoo Facts 10: how to travel in the zoo

There are a number of ways to travel in Chester Zoo. You can use mobility scooter, a circular boat trip or even monorail.

Chester Zoo Facts

Chester Zoo Facts

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