10 Interesting the Andes Mountains Facts

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The Andes Mountains Facts tell you about the longest continental mountain range worldwide. The average height of the mountain range is 13,000 feet or 4,000 meter. It has the width around 120 to 430 miles or 200 to 700 km. The widest one is located between the 18 degree south and 20 degree south latitude.  The length of Andes mountain range is around 4,300 miles or 7,000 km. Here are some interesting facts about Andes Mountains to note:

The Andes Mountains Facts 1: the countries

There are several countries in America passed by the Andes Mountain. Those include Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela and Bolivia.

The Andes Mountains Facts 2: the high plateaux

The high plateaux of Andes are located in several cities such as La Paz, Merida, Medellin, Sucre, Quito, Arequipa and Bogota.

The Andes Mountains Image

The Andes Mountains Image

The Andes Mountains Facts 3: the divisions of Andes Mountain

Andes Mountains’ division is determined based on the climate. Those include the west Andes, dry Andes and tropical Andes.

The Andes Mountains Facts 4: is it the highest mountain range in the world?

Even though Andes Mountains are not entitled as the highest mountain range in the world, it takes the highest one outside Asia. The highest mountain in the range is mount Aconcagua. It has the height at 22,838 feet or 6,961 meter.

The Andes Mountains Pic

The Andes Mountains Pic

The Andes Mountains Facts 5: the highest volcanoes in Andes

Ojos Del Salado is one of the highest volcanoes in the Andes. It has the height at 22,615 feet or 6,893 meter. The location is at the border of Argentina and Chile.

The Andes Mountains Facts 6: the climate

It is not easy to define the climate of Andes because it varies based on the proximity of the sea, altitude and latitude. If you reach the higher elevation in the Andes, it has decreased humidity, atmospheric pressure and temperature. Find facts about Robben Island here.

The Andes Mountains facts

The Andes Mountains facts

The Andes Mountains Facts 7: the southern, central and northern section of the Andes

The rainy and warm climate is often spotted in northern Andes. The central areas of Andes are typically dry. The rainy and cool climate is seen on the southern section of Andes. Get facts about Sardinia here.

The Andes Mountains Facts 8: the species of plants

Andes Mountains are a home to more than 30,000 different types of plants. One of the important plants is small tree Cinchona pubescens. People use it as the cure for malaria for it contains quinine.

The Andes Mountains

The Andes Mountains

The Andes Mountains Facts 9: other trees and plants

If you want to spot Polylepis forests and woodlands, you can visit the Andes Mountain located in Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.

The Andes Mountains Facts 10: the national bird

The national bird of Peru is cock-of-the-rock.  This species can be found in Peyr at the Andean forest.

Facts about The Andes Mountains

Facts about The Andes Mountains

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