10 Interesting the Jacobites Facts

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When talking about The Jacobites Facts, we should never forget the rebellions and uprising which took place in 1688 until 1746 in Great Britain and Ireland. The event is called Jacobites rebellions and Jacobites risings. The purpose of the uprising conducted by the Jacobites was to return James II of England on the throne of Great Britain. James II of England or VII of Scotland was considered as the descendant of House of Stuart. During the Glorious Revolution, he and his ancestors had been deposed by the parliament. Check other interesting facts about the Jacobites below:

The Jacobites Facts 1: who were the Jacobites?

The Jacobites were the supporters of the exiled royal House of Stuart. The name is taken from the Latin form of James, Jacobus.

The Jacobites Facts 2: Jacobites rebellions

The ruling government at that time called the primary risings of Jacobites as Jacobites rebellions.

The Jacobites Facts

The Jacobites Facts

The Jacobites Facts 3: the first and second Jacobites rebellions

The second Jacobites rebellion is called the Forty Five, while the Fifteen is another name for the first Jacobites rebellion. The first one took place in 1715 while the second one took place in 1745.

The Jacobites Facts 4: the Stuart Kings

As I have stated before, the main purpose of Jacobites rising was to take over the throne of Scotland and England under Stuart Kings.

Facts about The Jacobites

Facts about The Jacobites

The Jacobites Facts 5: James II

In 1688, James II was deposed by the parliament. His daughter, Mary II and her husband, William of Orange, a Dutch born claimed the thrones.

The Jacobites Facts 6: the intensified risings

The Jacobites risings were intensified after the House of Hanover successfully took the throne of Great Britain in 1714.

The Jacobites

The Jacobites

The Jacobites Facts 7: Charles Edward Stuart

Charles Edward Stuart was also known as Bonnie Prince Charlie. He was nicknamed as the Young Pretender. He was the leader of the last Jacobites rebellion.

The Jacobites Facts 8: the defeat of Charles Edward Stuart

Charles Edward Stuart was defeated and had to give up his dream taking over the British throne. In 1746, they were defeated at Battle of Cullodeon. Check facts about King James 1 here.

The Jacobites Risings

The Jacobites Risings


The Jacobites Facts 9: the death of James II

In 1701, James II passed away. James Francis Edward Stuart was considered as the only surviving legitimate son of James II who had to claim for the thrones of Scotland and England. Therefore, his son was called as James VIII of Scotland and James III of England and Ireland. Find facts about James II here.

The Jacobites Facts 10: the nickname of James Francis Edward Stuart

The nickname of James Francis Edward Stuart is the Old Pretender. His son, Charles Edward Stuart is called as the Young Pretender.


The Jacobites Facts

The Jacobites Facts

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