10 Interesting the Big Ben Facts

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The Big Ben Facts talk about the clock located in London. It is one of the famous buildings in London. When people visit London, they will always want to take pictures around Big Ben. The Great Bell of the clock is often called Big Ben. You can visit it by reaching the north end of Westminster Palace. The official name of the tower is Elizabeth Tower since 2012.  At first, it was called Clock Tower. Because of the celebration of Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth, it is now called Elizabeth Tower. Here are some interesting facts about the Big Ben:

The Big Ben Facts 1: the record

The first largest four faced chiming clock in the world is taken by Minneapolis City Hall. The second largest one is earned by Big Ben.

The Big Ben Facts 2: the anniversary of Big Ben

On 31 May 2009, Big Ben celebrated the 150th anniversary. The people were entertained with celebratory events. The construction of the tower was finished in 1858.

The Big Ben Facts

The Big Ben Facts

The Big Ben Facts 3: the importance of Big Ben

Big Ben is very important in the life of the people in United Kingdom. It is always used as a prominent symbol of the country.

The Big Ben Facts 4: the film set

Big Ben is often used as the setting of the movies to depict London. Showing the image of Big Ben on the visual media can give a hint to the audiences about the setting of the movies.

The Big Ben

The Big Ben

The Big Ben Facts 5: the most popular landmark

Big Ben was considered as the most popular landmark based on the survey of 2,000 people in 2008 in the country.

The Big Ben Facts 6: the iconic film location

The title of the most iconic film location in London is earned by Big Ben. It also receives a lot of attention from the media during the New Year celebration. The chimes are waited by the TV stations and radios to start the New Year.

Facts about The Big Ben

Facts about The Big Ben

The Big Ben Facts 7: the crowd of people

The people were crowded in Big Ben in 2012 when they wanted to welcome the New Year.  The fireworks were stunning with the backdrop of Big Ben.  Get facts about London here.

The Big Ben Facts 8: Remembrance Day

Another important day commemorated in Big Ben is the Remembrance Day. The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month is marked by the chimes of Big Ben.

The Big Ben London

The Big Ben London

The Big Ben Facts 9: London Olympic Games

The London Olympic Games were welcomed in the city when the chimes stroke 30 times on 27 July 2012. Check London Olympic 2012 facts here.

The Big Ben Facts 10: the main bell

Big Ben is considered as a part of the Great Clock of Westminster. It is the largest bell.

The Big Ben Pictures

The Big Ben Pictures

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