10 Interesting the Louvre Facts

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If you want to know the largest museum in the world, check The Louvre Facts. This museum is located in Paris, France on the Right Bank of the Seine. It also contains a historic monument.  The exhibition in Louvre is totally amazing. There is no need to wonder that many people from France and other parts of the world visit the building. It contains 35,000 objects dated prior to 21st century. They are displayed on the area of 652,300 square feet or 60,600 square meters. Here are other interesting facts about the Louvre to notice:

The Louvre Facts 1: the visitors

Even though Louvre is considered as the largest museum in the world, it is ranked on the second place based on the number of visitors in 2014. The Palace Museum in China took the first record.

The Louvre Facts 2: Louvre Palace

Louvre Palace is the home of Louvre museum. At the end of 12th century, the building was established as a fortress under the reign of Philip II. Find facts about Buckingham Palace here.

The Louvre

The Louvre

The Louvre Facts 3: the basement of Louvre museum

If you check the basement of Louvre museum, it still features the remnants of the fortress.  To establish the current Palace of Louvre, the building was expanded several times. Check facts about the Brooklyn Bridge here.

The Louvre Facts 4: Louvre Palace under Louis XIV

Louvre was functioned as a place to display the royal collection under the reign of Louis XIV in 1682 since he chose to live in Palace of Versailles. At that time, the Louvre also featured the ancient Roman and Greek sculpture.

The Louvre Pictures

The Louvre Pictures

The Louvre Facts 5: Louvre in 1692

The Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture and the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres inhabited Louvre in 1692. The first series of the salons were held in the building in 1699. It had been occupied by the Academie for at least 100 years.

The Louvre Facts 6: Louvre during the French revolution

There was a decree to use Louvre as a museum during the French revolution. It was issued by National Assembly. The building should be used to display the masterpieces of the nation.

The Louvre Interior

The Louvre Interior

The Louvre Facts 7: the opening of Louvre

On 10th August 1793, Louvre was opened for the first time. There were 537 paintings exhibited in the museum.

The Louvre Facts 8: closing the Louvre

In 1796 until 1801, Louvre was closed due to the structural problem in the building.

The Louvre Facts

The Louvre Facts

The Louvre Facts 9: the objects exhibited in Louvre

There many objects exhibited in Louvre. Those include archeological finds, drawings, paintings, sculptures and objets d’art.

The Louvre Facts 10: the number of visitors

There are 15,000 visitors who come to Louvre every single day.

The Louvre Arts

The Louvre Arts

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