10 Interesting Scarborough Castle Facts

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One of the interesting places in the world is Scarborough Castle Facts. Have you ever visited this former medieval royal fortress? The scene from the castle is very beautiful. You can view the Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England and North Sea. There are various kinds of settlements during the Iron Age and Anglo Scandinavian era. Here are some interesting facts about Scarborough Castle:

Scarborough Castle Facts 1: the wooden castle

In 1130s, the wooden castle was built in the area as the fortifications. In 1150s, the wooden castle was replaced with the stone construction. It is the present day building that people see today.

Scarborough Castle Facts 2: the national importance

Scarborough Castle has the national importance because of the battery in 18th century and the enclosure of the castle in 12th century. Get facts about Rochester Castle here.

Scarborough Castle

Scarborough Castle

Scarborough Castle Facts 3: an important fortress

Scarborough Castle is considered as an important fortress. It was used to used protect the people from the continental and Scottish invasion. It gave protection and guard for the port trade, north of England and Yorkshire coastline.

Scarborough Castle Facts 4: the steep cliffs

The location of the castle is on the steep cliffs. You can three seaward sides around the castle. The height of the cliff is around 91 meter or 300 feet.

Scarborough Castle Pic

Scarborough Castle Pic

Scarborough Castle Facts 5: the stone curtain wall

In the end of 12th and early of 13th century, the stone curtain wall was constructed. There were 12 round towers used to make the wall stronger. Get facts about Medieval Castle here.

Scarborough Castle Facts 6: the entrance

The castle has wonderful entrance.  To protect the gateways of the castle, it has a fortification or barbican. On the high ground, you can see two half circular tower created in 14th century.


Scarborough Castle Ruin

Scarborough Castle Ruin

Scarborough Castle Facts 7: the inner bailey

Don’t forget to check the inner bailey of Scarborough Castle. It is often used as a kitchen, offices, storage area, and workshops.  If you want to access the inner bailey, you can go to outer bailey.

Scarborough Castle Facts 8: the thickness of the wall

The castle has very thick wall. It is around 3.4 to 4.6 meters or 11 to 15 feet.

Scarborough Castle Picture

Scarborough Castle Picture

Scarborough Castle Facts 9: tourist attraction

Scarborough Castle is functioned as a tourist attraction since the 19th century. In 1888, the excavation of the medieval hall was conducted.

Scarborough Castle Facts 10: the investment

To make it as a tourist attraction, the fund around £250,000 was invested by the English Heritage.

Scarborough Castle Facts

Scarborough Castle Facts

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