10 Interesting Textile Facts

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The network of artificial or natural fiber in the form of thread or yarn is elaborated on Textile Facts. This material is flexible. The long strands of yarn can be produced by spinning the raw fibers of cotton, flax or wool. There are various ways to form the textiles. You can do knitting, weaving, felting, knotting or even crocheting. Let’s find out interesting textile facts below:

Textile Facts 1: the textile, fabric and cloth

In most cases, the word textile is synonymous with the word fabric and cloth. Actually each of them has different meaning. The material made of interlacing fiber is called textile. The material created by using the method of bonding, crocheting, spreading, knitting and weaving is called fabric. The finished piece of fabric is usually called cloth.

Textile Facts 2: the uses of textile

There are various uses of textiles. The people can use it for containers like basket and bags and for clothing.



Textile Facts 3: the household usages

Textile is also used for various household materials.  The people can create window shades, table cloth, tapestries, carpeting, upholstered furnishing, towels, bed sheet, comforter and other items from textile.

Textile Facts 4: other uses of textiles

The textile can be used to make cleaning rags, nets, backpacks, flags, balloon, parachutes, sails, tents, backpacks and many more.

Textile Color

Textile Color

Textile Facts 5: the traditional crafts

The traditional crafts such as embroidery, quilting and sewing are made of textiles.

Textile Facts 6: the technical textiles

The technical textile is term used to call the textile for the industrial purpose. Some examples of technical textiles include agro textile, medical textile, geotextiles, and protective clothing.  The latter one includes the bullet proof vest, protective cloth, fire fighter clothing and many more.

Facts about Textile

Facts about Textile

Textile Facts 7: the textile design

The textile design is very important for some fashion designers. Therefore, they can create the signature print. There is no need to wonder that the clothes of Emilio Pucci, Gianni Versace and Armani have unique look. Check linen facts here.

Textile Facts 8:the materials

There are various materials to create textile. It can be made of synthetic, mineral, plant and animal material. The silk and wool are included in the animal materials. The acrylic, polyester and nylon are included in the synthetic materials.

Textile Facts

Textile Facts

Textile Facts 9: the artificial fiber

The artificial fiber to create textile is made of petroleum. The usage began in 20th century.  The plant, mineral and animal source were mostly used in the past. Get facts about silk here.

Textile Facts 10: wool

The wool is taken from the hair of sheep and goat. The type of wool known due to the amazing softness is cashmere. It is taken from the hair for the Indian Cashmere goat.



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