10 Interesting Silk Facts

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The natural protein fiber is explained in Silk Facts. Silk is very important in the commercial fashion industry for the natural fiber can be woven into textiles. The fiber is produced by the insect’s larvae such as silkworms to generate the cocoons.  Silk is very expensive due to the extensive and complicated production. It also has high quality and shining look. Check more interesting facts about silk facts by reading the following post below:

Silk Facts 1: the famous silk

Bombyx mori is considered as the most notable silkworm to create the silk.  This mulberry silkworm is breed in sericulture.

Silk Facts 2: the different colors

Silk is considered as a beautiful fabric to obtain for it can create different color.  It has the triangular prism like structure which creates the shining surface.

Silk Fabric

Silk Fabri

Silk Facts 3: the animals which produce silk

Actually silk is not only produced by silkworms. The webspinners also create silk. Other animals include mayflies, silverfish, bees, ants, wasps, midges, spider silk, flies, fleas, beetles, and lacewings. Get facts about silkworms here.

Silk Facts 4: the comfortable silk

Many people choose silk as their fabric to make clothes due to the high quality of comfort. You can wear it in warm weather for it has great absorbency.  It is also perfect to wear during the cold weather for the low conductivity.

Silk Cloth

Silk Cloth

Silk Facts 5: the furnishing application

Silk can be found to decorate some furnishing applications such as curtain, rugs, wall covering, wall hanging, upholstery, wall hanging and bedding set.

Silk Facts 6: the clothing

The main function of silk is used for clothing. You can find different kinds of lining, blouses, ties, shirts, pajamas, lingerie, formal dresses, suits, and robes made of high quality silk.

Silk facts

Silk facts

Silk Facts 7: a full protection from insect

If you live in a home with a lot of insects or mosquitoes, it is better for you to wear the clothes from silk. This fabric will protect you from the insect biting.

Silk Facts 8: other usages

Other usages of silk can be seen in the artillery gunpowder bads, comforter filling, bicycle tires and parachutes.



Silk Facts 9: the production of silk

The producer will need 3000 silkworms which eat at least 104 kilogram of mulberry leaves to produce a kilogram of silk. China is considered as the major silk producer in the world for more than 54 percent of silk is from China. It is followed by India with 14 percent of silk production.

Silk Facts 10: a pure silk kimono

Kimono is the famous traditional clothing from Japan. If it is made of a pure silk, it will need around 500 silkworms to produce the silk fiber. Find out kimono facts here.



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