10 Interesting Kimono Facts

Friday, May 23rd 2014. | Fashion

If you always curious about Japanese culture, you need to look at Kimono facts. Kimono is considered as the traditional clothes for the Japanese people.  When you go to Japan, you need to try it. The dress is very beautiful with prints. Here are the interesting facts about Kimono that you need to know:

Kimono Facts 1: patterns and colors

You are wrong if you think that Japanese kimono is boring. When you go to Japan, you will be served with different kinds of kimono colors and patterns. It can be made in red, black, blue, pink or even purple. Talking about the patterns, you can choose the one inspired from nature such as plant, leaves, flower or cheery blossom pattern.

Kimono Facts 2: period

Kimono was introduced to the life of Japanese people during the era of Heian in 794 to 1185. At that time, many Japanese women wore the kimono robe as the most popular item to dress up. Check Japanese culture facts here.

kimono dressing

kimono dressing

Kimono Facts 3: changing the style

In the past, Kimono was very elaborate and heavy so that people were not comfortable to wear it for daily life. After the Heian period, people begin to make it simpler. They choose lightweight fabric to suit the need of the Japanese women.

Kimono Facts 4: fabrics

The fabrics to create kimono mostly are from silk brocade and silk.  Both fabrics are expensive. Only high class people can afford them. Therefore, kimono now is made from polyester, cotton and rayon to serve the middle and low class market.

kimono facts

kimono facts

Kimono Facts 5: colors

The colors of Kimono can be suited with the seasons. There are four seasons in Japan.  The spring season makes the Japanese women dress up with bright colors with floral pattern.

Kimono Facts 6: events

Many kimonos are designed for special events. If you want to go to the funeral event, you can wear the subdued colored kimono in black, blue or brown. If you want to have a formal visit, you can wear an elegant design. Many people think that kimono is only for women, but actually men can wear a kimono too. The traditional kimono for men was worn everyday in the past. Now men wear it in special events.

kimono for women

kimono for women

Kimono Facts 7: Yukata

Yukata is another important term of kimono. This special kimono is worn during the summer season. Both men and women can wear it.

Kimono Facts 8: meaning

Kimono is derived from Japanese language. The meaning is wearing thing.

kimono japanese

kimono japanese

Kimono Facts 9: size

The size of kimono for men and women are different. Men can wear the kimono with a width around 40 cm, while women wear it with the width around 38 cm.

Kimono Facts10: furisode

Furisode is the kimono worn by the young unmarried women. This kimono has very long sleeves.  The girls wear it in formal occasion.

kimono modern

kimono modern

The kimono today is very easy to wear, unlike the common kimono the Heian period. At that time, women has to wear 25 layers of kimono. Are you satisfied with facts about kimono?

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