10 Interesting Linen Facts

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Linen facts explore the piece of fabric dated back more than 4000 years ago. Many people consider linen as one of the oldest fabrics in the world. Until this present day, linen is still used by people to make clothes, bedding or even upholstery. If you want to know the history and popularity of linen, read the following post below:

Linen Facts 1: the word linen

The word linen was taken from the Latin word, Linum. But some people state that it was derived from the Greek work, linon. Both linum and linon have the meaning of a woven created from the fiber of flax plant. Since flax plant is considered as natural material, people find out that linen is an eco friendly fabric.

Linen Facts 2: flax plant

Even though people only take the fiber of the flax plant to create linen, other parts of the plants are not wasted.  You can make soap, paper, or even cattle feed from the fiber, straw, oil and linseed of the flax plants.

Linen Dress

Linen Dress

Linen Facts 3: eco friendly material

People who concern a lot with the environment can use linen for the daily fabric. This item is recyclable and biogradable.

Linen Facts 4: production

The production of linen is more cost effective and efficient if you compare it with the production of synthetic fabric and cotton. It can save the energy and use less water.

Linen Facts

Linen Facts

Linen Facts 5: usage

Many people always associate linen with pillowcases and sheet until this present day. However, some pillowcases and sheets now are created from synthetic fiber and cotton. It can be to used to make kimono too. Check kimono facts here.

Linen Facts 6: quality of linen

Can you guess the quality of linen? The highest quality is determined on the consistent texture. If you look at the low quality linen, you can find defects, small knots and slubs on the linen.

Linen Plant

Linen Plant

Linen Facts 7: advantage

Many people choose linen than other materials because it is durable and long lasting. The thread of linen is twice stronger compared to cotton. It is three times stronger than the wool thread.

Linen Facts 8: health effect

Using linen gives you more benefits on the health. The fabric is characterized with non static, natural insect repellant and non allergic fabric.

Linen Sheet

Linen Sheet

Linen Facts 9: moisture

Using linen as the best sheet will never make you feel hot. It is soft and can absorb moisture well.

Linen Facts 10: Casanova

It is a shocking fact to know that Casanova wore condoms created from linen.



Around 4500 BC, the Egyptian people used linen shroud to wrap mummies. Do you have any opinion on facts about linen?

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