10 Interesting Shoes Facts

Tuesday, July 14th 2015. | Fashion

Shoes Facts tell you about the footwear for protecting and comforting human feet. Today, we wear shoes for decorating the feet too. Therefore, there are many kinds of shoes created by the shoes designers. If you check out the traditional shoes, they are different from one culture to another culture. The shoes are unique, decorative and interesting. Let’s find out more interesting facts about shoes by reading the following post below:

Shoes Facts 1: fashion

The shoes for women and for men are very different. The shoes for men are simpler if you compare them with the shoes for women. You can have the flat or high heel ones.

Shoes Facts 2: the basic sandals

If you pick the simplest form of footwear, you can pick the basic sandals.  They are made of simple strap and thin sole. They are sold in cheap price.

Red Shoes

Red Shoes

Shoes Facts 3: the high fashion shoes

If you have a lot of money, you can buy the high fashion shoes. They are made of the high quality materials such as silk, satin, suede, or even leather. They are very decorative due to the presence of beads, crystals or even feathers.

Shoes Facts 4: the designer brands

The shoes are not only for protecting the feet.  The people also wear them to increase their pride. Therefore, the rich people decide to buy the designers shoes.

High Heel Shoes

High Heel Shoes

Shoes Facts 5: the materials

There are many kinds of materials used to create shoes. Some of them include the plastics, usede, velvet, faux leather, wood, leather, canvas or rubber.

Shoes Facts 6: the types of shoes

If you go to the stores, you can find different kinds of shoes. They can be in the form of sport shoes, high heels, sandals, platform shoes, wedges, or even boots.

Shoes Facts

Shoes Facts

Shoes Facts 7: the sport or athletic shoes

If you want to do various kinds of sport activities such as climbing, running, hiking or even walking, wearing the sport shoes will make the feet more comfortable. The famous brands of athletic shoes include Adidas and Nike. find out Converse facts here.

Shoes Facts 8: the casual wear or formal wear

If you just want to have the shoes for daily activities, you can pick the casual shoes. The formal shoes are used to go to the office or evening occasions.



Shoes Facts 9: boots

Another type of shoes is a boot. The boots are used by the people who live in village, desert or farmhouse. Get facts about fashion here.

Shoes Facts 10: the design of boots

Boots make the foot covered up to the knees or hips. But today, you can find ankle boots to suit the fashion.

Sporty Shoes

Sporty Shoes

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