10 Interesting Wool Facts

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Wool Facts present the information about a notable textile fiber. It has been used by the people to create various products such as jackets, coats and carpet.  You can produce wool from the sheep. The wool taken from rabbit is called angora. Other types of wool include mohair, cashmere and qiviut. The latter one is produced from muskoxen. Let us check other impressive facts about wool below:

Wool Facts 1: the unique qualities of wool

Can you define the unique qualities of wool? This fiber is elastic and crimped. The characteristics distinguish it from other types of textile fibers.

Wool Facts 2: follicles

There are two major types of follicles for producing wool. They are the primary and secondary follicles. The true wool fibers, medullated fibers and kemps are the three types of fiber of primary follicles. The true wool fibers are the only one produced in the secondary follicles.

Wool Facts

Wool Facts

Wool Facts 3: Kemp fibers

The high coarse level is found on the Kemp fibers. Therefore, the people often shed it out. Look at facts about silk here.

Wool Facts 4: insulation

The people who live in the desserts like to wear the clothes created from wool to help them insulated.  You can spot the Tuaregs and Bedouins wearing wool clothes.

Wool Image

Wool Image

Wool Facts 5: the natural colors

The natural colors found on wool include silver, brown, black and mixed colors. In general, the sheep produces the creamy white colored wool.

Wool Facts 6: the use of wool in garments

The people exposed to likelihood of fire will always wear the garment created from wool.

Wool Pic

Wool Pic

Wool Facts 7: impurities

Impurities are found in raw wool for it contains yolk, dirt, sand and vegetable matter. The dung locks, urine stains, grease and sweat are other impurities.

Wool Facts 8: the quality of wool

Some factors are used to define the quality level of wool. They include staple strength, color, and yield and fiber diameter. The price and quality usually is defined according to the fiber diameter. Check facts about textile here.



Wool Facts 9: Merino hoggets

Merino hoggets produce the most valuable wool. It is considered as the finest one. The length of Merino wool is around 3 to 5 inches.

Wool Facts 10: the wool uses

The garments are created from wool finer than 25 microns. It will be used for rugs or outerwear if the wool has coarser grades.

Facts about Wool

Facts about Wool

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