10 Interesting Lipstick Facts

Monday, June 16th 2014. | Fashion

Lipstick facts give you the interesting ideas about the makeup tool which can make your lips beautiful and sexy. The usage of lipstick can be traced back in the ancient Mesopotamia 5000 years ago. The first man made lipstick was created at that time. Here are more facts about lipsticks to know:

Lipstick Facts 1: Cleopatra

Cleopatra is considered as the most beautiful woman in the world.  She liked to use red lipstick to make her lips sexy.  During the ancient Egyptian era, the women who came from powerful and wealthy families wore lipstick.

Lipstick Facts 2: types of lipstick

If you go to the cosmetic stores, you can find many kinds of lipstick. You can choose moisturizing lipstick, lip balm, lip gloss, ordinary lipsticks, matte lipstick, satin lipstick, glittery lipstick, chapstick, and glossy lipstick.

Lipstick  History

Lipstick History

Lipstick Facts 3: the pre history time

During the prehistory time, the women had used lipsticks created from plant juice and colorful fruits. This lipstick was made from natural material.

Lipstick Facts 4: Kiss of Death

Kiss of Death is popular term in the past because some people used the poisonous ingredients to make lipstick. In some cultures, women are forced to in public with extensive facial makeup. You can see in the ancient culture of Japan that women also used thick makeup with red lipstick.

Lipstick Facts

Lipstick Facts

Lipstick Facts 5: regular usage

The report indicates that 25 percent of American women do not wear any lipstick when they go out of the house. Other 80 percent use lipsticks regularly. Check lip facts here.

Lipstick Facts 6: expired date

Even though lipstick is not a food, it has an expired date.  To make the life of the lipstick longer to use, you can save it inside the fridge. If you find that your lipstick is expired, you need to throw it away because it can become rancid.

Lipstick in Egypt

Lipstick in Egypt

Lipstick Facts 7: ingredients of lipstick

In the modern times, lipstick is created from pigments, oils, natural beeswax, and emollients. If your lips are very dry, you need to choose the moisturizing lipsticks. It usually is made from collagen, vitamin E, sunscreen, moisturizer, and ammonia acid.

Lipstick Facts 8: shiny lipsticks

Shiny lipstick is very popular today. It usually is made with castor oil and fish scales. When people have a shot, their lips look wonderful in the film or photos.

Lipstick Red

Lipstick Red

Lipstick Facts 9: red lipsticks

Women who love to wear red lipstick are considered sexy. However, it was associated with Satan worshiping in the European middle ages.

Lipstick Facts 10: lip gloss

Lipstick is not only for decorative purpose. In ancient Egypt lipstick was used to protect the lips from wind and heat.



If you live in desert and windy environment, you can use lip gloss to protect the lips. Are you satisfied with facts about lipstick?

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