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Terry Fox Facts tell you about the famous athlete, cancer research activist and humanitarian from Canada. He was born on 28 July 1958 and died on 28 June 1981. His full name is Terrance Stanley Fox. Fox touched the heart of the people when tried to increase the awareness and raise donation for cancer research. What he did was embarking on a-cross Canada run with one amputated leg. Check other interesting facts about Terry Fox below:

Terry Fox Facts 1: the worldwide legacy

Fox gave the worldwide legacy due to his wonderful act by following the cross Canada run which cost his life. He had to stop after he reached 5,373 kilometer. It took 143 days due to the spread of his cancer.

Terry Fox Facts 2: Terry Fox Run

Terry Fox Run was held annually since 1981. It is considered as one of the largest one day fundraisers for cancer research in the world. There are million people who participate in the Terry Fox Run. They are from 60 different countries in the world.

Terry Fox Picture

Terry Fox Picture

Terry Fox Facts 3: who is Terry Fox?

Terry Fox was a basketball player and distance runner in his high school and Simon Fraser University. Unfortunately, he had osteosarcoma which made him lost one of his legs due to the amputation. He used the artificial leg and continued to run.

Terry Fox Facts 4: as basketball player

Fox also continued playing basketball even though he had to use the wheelchair.  He earned three national championships. Find sport facts here.

Terry Fox Run

Terry Fox Run

Terry Fox Facts 5: Marathon of Hope

Marathon of Hope was the cross country run. Fox followed the event to raise money for cancer research in 1980.

Terry Fox Facts 6: the hope

Fox had a hope that he would be able to raise a dollar from 24 million people in Canada. In April, Fox started the event from St. John’s, Newfoundland with a little recognition from the people. Then he had a full marathon. When he reached Ontario, people began to recognize his presence. He was considered as a national star.

Terry Fox

Terry Fox

Terry Fox Facts 7: the public appearance

There were various public appearances that Fox made along with many politicians, athletes, and businessmen.

Terry Fox Facts 8: the spread of cancer

The cancer of Fox spread into the lung. He had to stop the run. Nine months later, Fox passed away. Get facts about running here.

Facts about Terry Fox

Facts about Terry Fox

Terry Fox Facts 9: a Companion of the Order of Canada

Due to his action and bravery, Fox earned a Companion of the Order of Canada. He was the youngest one who received this honor.

Terry Fox Facts 10: national hero

Fox is a national hero in Canada. There are several parks, roads and buildings named after him.

Terry Fox Pic

Terry Fox Pic

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