10 Interesting Wrestling Facts

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Find out the interesting information about a combat sport on Wrestling Facts.  Grappling holds, pins, joint locks, throws and takedowns and clinch fighting are included in the techniques of wrestling.  People do wrestling for a number of purposes. Some wrestlers are involved in competitions to find out the winner. Others decide to do wrestling for entertainment with theatrical style.  During a wrestling competition, people are interested to find out the more superior one between two wrestlers. Here are other interesting facts about wrestling to notice:

Wrestling Facts 1: the types of wrestling

There are two primary types of wrestling styles.  The people may perform the modern or traditional historic styles. The rules of both are varied.

Wrestling Facts 2: the techniques

The techniques involved in wrestling are taken from the hand-to-hand combat in the military and martial arts.

wrestling Image

wrestling Image

Wrestling Facts 3: the origin

Wrestling is not a modern sport. It was depicted in the cave drawings in France around 15,000 years. There is no need to wonder that it is called as one of the oldest styles of combat. See facts about WWE here.

Wrestling Facts 4: reliefs

The depiction of wrestlers in the ancient time is also spotted on the Egyptian and Babylonian reliefs.

wrestling modern

wrestling modern

Wrestling Facts 5: the ancient Indian Vedas

The ancient Indian Vedas also contained the literary references of wrestling. The martial arts and wrestling are also narrated in the epic works of Mahabharata and Ramayana.

Wrestling Facts 6: the ancient Olympic Games

The ancient Olympic Games contained the brutal depiction of wrestling. It became a significant sport during the ancient Greece. The brutality of wrestling was eliminated by the ancient Romans.

wrestling pictures

wrestling pictures

Wrestling Facts 7: in the Middle Ages

The royal families of England, Japan and France enjoyed watching wrestling during the middle Ages from the 5th century until 15th century. Get facts about Sochi Olympics here.

Wrestling Facts 8: national wrestling tournament

In 1888, New York City hosted the first national wrestling tournament.  Since 1904, it became a sport in modern Olympic Games.



Wrestling Facts 9: UWW

UWW stands for United World Wrestling, which becomes the international governing body of wrestling.

Wrestling Facts 10: oil wrestling

The national sport of Turkey is oil wrestling. Another term to call is grease wrestling. The olive oil will be used by the wrestler to douse them. This style of wrestling also spreads to other countries due to its growing popularity. Since 1362, this type of wrestling has been conducted in an annual competition in Turkey.

Facts about wrestling

Facts about wrestling

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