10 Interesting Potassium Facts

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If you are interested to know the light metallic element, you can check out Potassium Facts. Potassium is very important for the health of human being.  It can be used to create many important compounds. If you check out the periodic table, it has the element number 19. It means that it has 19 protons. Learn more about potassium by reading the following post below:

Potassium Facts 1: the alkali mental

If you want to know one example of alkali metal, it is potassium. It has the valence of 1 and this element is a reactive metal.

Potassium Facts 2: formation

You will never find potassium free in the nature. You can get it in ionic salts and seawater. In the universe, Potassium can be generated through R process by supernova.

Potassium Facts

Potassium Facts

Potassium Facts 3: characteristics

This metal is very soft. You can cut is easily using a knife. It has silvery color. The pure one is very lightweight.

Potassium Facts 4: potassium ions

All living cells in the world can take benefit from potassium ions. To produce the electric potentials, the animals use potassium ions and sodium ions. By having the electric potentials, the animals can conduct the cellular processes.

Potassium Image

Potassium Image

Potassium Facts 5: storage

Storing potassium should be done carefully since this metal can oxidize in the air. It will reach water. The reaction can generate the heat. Therefore, people have to store potassium under kerosene or oil.

Potassium Facts 6: Sir Humphry Davy

Sir Humphry Davy purified potassium from caustic potash or KOH for the first time in 1807. He did via electrolysis.  The first mental isolated via electrolysis is potassium.

Potassium in Banana

Potassium in Banana

Potassium Facts 7: burned potassium

When you see potassium is burned, you can find out violet or lilac flame.

Potassium Facts 8: name

The name potassium was taken from English word of Potash. If you check out the periodic table, it is symbolized with the letter K. The letter K for potassium in the period table was taken from the Latin word Kalium. Do you know that it is the Arabic word for qali?  The word is used to call alkali. If you wnat to know the reactive element, get facts about plutonium here.

Potassium Pictures

Potassium Pictures

Potassium Facts 9: compounds

People in the ancient times were familiar with potassium compounds such as alkali and potash.

Potassium Facts 10: function and usage

There are many usages of potassium. The ion is important for animals, human and trees. The metal form of potassium is for various applications. For examples, the salts containing potassium are used for colorants, oxidizer, and fertilizer.  Moreover, potassium is used for a salt substitute and to generate strong bases. Find out another substance in Polonium facts.



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