10 Interesting Maroon 5 Facts

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Maroon 5 facts give you the ideas about the famous pop rock band. This rock band was formed in 1999 in Los Angeles, California. Maroon 5 is famous because of their ‘Song about Jane’ released in 2002. If you want to know more about their songs, awards and members, read the following post below:

Maroon 5 Facts 1: “Makes Me Wonder”

“Makes Me Wonder” is a popular single of Maroon 5. This single broke the record in May 2007 as the chart’s greatest leap at that time. It jumped 63 places to reach the 2nd position of Billboard Hot 100. Check another famous band in Linkin Park facts.

Maroon 5 Facts 2: 1.22.03.Acoustic

1.22.03. Acoustic is the title of Maroon 5’s first album. You can find the ‘Highway to Hell’ cover song of AC/DC. The lead oval for this cover song was Ryan and Adam Levine had his position as a drummer.

Maroon 5 Adam

Maroon 5 Adam

Maroon 5 Facts 3: 10th anniversary

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the band, the band got Platinum on 6 February 2004.

Maroon 5 Facts 4: Songs about Jane

‘Song about Jane’ is very popular and famous.  The idea of the song was inspired from the love relation of Adam Levine and his ex girlfriend.

Maroon 5 Cover

Maroon 5 Cover

Maroon 5 Facts 5: 47th Annual Grammy Awards

It was such an honor for Maroon 5 to perform on the opening of 47th Annual Grammy Awards in 2005. This band also likes to work for charity.  On 15 January 2005, it took part in Tsunami Aid: A Concert of Hope.

Maroon 5 Facts 6: nomination

In American Music Awards in 2004, Maroon 5 was nominated as the Favorite New Artist. The band is also nominated in the categories of Best Group Video and Best New Artist in a Video at MTV Video Music Awards.

Maroon 5 facts

Maroon 5 facts

Maroon 5 Facts 7: She Will Be Loved

‘She Will Be Loved’ is another song that Maroon 5 has.  The music video is very steamy. It features the famous actress Kelly Preston in the video.

Maroon 5 Facts 8: This Love

The music video of ‘This Love’ is wonderful. You can find out the steamy scenes of the Adam Levine and Kelly McGee.  When the music video was created, both Levine and McGee were a couple.

Maroon 5 On Stage

Maroon 5 On Stage

Maroon 5 Facts 9: Jake Gyllenhaal

Not many fans of Maroon 5 realize that the first four members in this pop rock band studied in the similar high school with the famous actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Jake was a notable actor in Hollywood. You can see his acting Skill in Prince of Persia and Zodiac.

Maroon 5 Facts 10: members of the band

Let’s talk about the members of this band. You can find Ryan, James, Adam and Mickey.

Maroon 5 Pic

Maroon 5 Pic

The famous member in the band is Adam Levine.  He was on the headline because of his relationship with Hollywood celebs such as Jessica Simpson. Are you interested reading facts about Maroon 5?

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